(1)Writers live on; even when they are no more
We all know that every man wants to live a foot print in sands of time; and we all still know it's not easy to do this. But when you are a writer, it's very easy; just a little piece of your work, and you will see your foot print forming in the sands of time.
People do all other forms of businesses, render all kinds of services, and administer all types of professions to clients and customers; but when these people are no more, little or nothing can testify to their erstwhile existence.
Any single piece a writer produces stands multiple chances to exist forever.
Writers may not last, but whatever they write does.
A piece by a writer at a particular time of the writer's life will keep on describing the writer till distant times to come.
Whatever a writer writes is his own gift of immortalization to himself.
A written piece is the life after life of the writer.
The only way to live on is to write in the life you are living now.
How come the name of a dead writer is still alive in the lips of his readers?
Anyway, moving ahead, it pays to be a writer no matter how painful and slow it may seem to be.
In order to make your writing easy, just start writing something; at least start taking note and writing down your everyday's activities.
As an advice: When you write your daily activities down, you are automatically creating a duplicate of your life; when you are no more, your duplicate lives on.
Have a copy of your life; write it down as you live your life.
Still on advice: As you live your life, don't forget to always write it; it makes you live on when you are no more.

(2)Writers are creators
A writer gets motivated, inspired; receives an idea, develops the idea; builds a story or topic; creates a scene, graduates it with timing; develops and creates characters, gives the voices and actions; designs an environment, fills it with other living and non living characters; sets up an interaction and then establishes a theme from it; there by creating a world. What else?! What else does it remain to call someone a creator or a god? A writer is a creator indeed.

(3)Writers do understand life more
A writer writes from experience. The experience furnishes the ideas he develops; and eventually writes on. His consciousness and exposures to various life events and experiences fortifies his comprehensive understanding about life.
A writer writes to the living, and not to the non living; thus his inexcusable understanding about life.

(4)Writers always have an opinion
To write is to have an opinion.
An issue or topic written on is the opinion of the writer on that issue or topic.
A writer's opinion to any issue can never be struck out or avoided once it's written.
A writer is very knowledgeable; he pours his knowledge about an issue on the paper and carves it out with his pen.
A writer always has views to share. His views are just the way they are; they are not mutilated. Views can never be misquoted when they are written. This is an advantage to a writer.

(5)Writers are very knowledgeable
A writer knows almost everything; if he doesn't, what will he write?! He is a researcher. He gets deep the course of concept and gets detailed information on it. He pays attention to every happenings. All these forms part of what he writes. So why won't he be very knowledgeable?

(6)Writers are teachers
Every piece from a writer is a pool of information to the reader.
A reader learns from this information.

(7)Writers change lives
A writer can melt hearts, touch souls and change lives with just a single clause from his single piece.
A lot of people in the world today need help. They can find the help in your written piece.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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