(1)Write when you are in love
Write it to your girlfriend! Write it as if you were writing love letter to your girlfriend. Write it as if she would accept your love after she finds the written piece enjoyable.
Write as much as you can so that when you come back to your senses, you would realize you have written down something substantial.
Don't send it to her; save it for yourself; it will form part of your work.
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(2)Write when in default mood
Default mood is when you are in a very relaxed state; no troubles, nothing much to think about, no worries; perhaps you are just feeling happy for something good that has happened. In this mood, you can out of ''just to keep busy'' pick up you writing device or pad and start writing anything that comes to your mind. You can start writing on that thing that made you happy. Just keep smiling as you write it.
Write as much as you can. Don't throw it away; save it for yourself; it will form part of your work.

(3)Write for your social media updates
The aim of a social media update is to air your views, have fun and eventually attract comments from the viewers and readers.
As you are busy having fun with, write as much as you can. Don't post or upload them; save them for yourself; they will form part of your work.

(4)Write to win an argument
Of course, the best thing that can happen to someone is to win an argument.
Again, the aim of an argument is to convince your opponent. In convincing your opponent, it's possible you'll use every available means; writing your points down is one of those means. Ones you grab this means, keep writing! Keep writing down your points with all ambition.
As you are busy with it, write as much as you can; but don't use it for that argument; forget about the argument; save the write up for yourself; it will form part of your work.

(5)Write from your favorite TV/radio shows
Write down points from your favorite shows. As you enjoy them, make some notes you would refer to later; they are your favorite shows of course! These notes you've taken will eventually form part of your work.

(6)Write to teach
It's very fun when your piece is actually beneficial to its readers. As you write to teach them more and more, you are increasing the parts for your written work.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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