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Tobi may win the bbnaija N45m prize. Reason? 
Big brother would love the TOBI/CEEC drama to continue even outside the house. 

This time around; CeeC, after Tobi would have won the money might wish she was really in very good terms with Tobi back then while they were still in the big brother house. 
She might want Tobi back into her life and then Tobi might snub her. Or maybe the other way round; it's possible Tobi might still want her, and she might not even give a damn fuck. I know CeeC, that bitch eh?.. 

This intended drama after the show is what Big brother wants. 
This is one of the strategies Big brother uses to market its brand. He would want to keep up the drama right inside our heads even after the show has ended.

Trust we Nigerians and our ever gossip-gullible bloggers nah. Everyone would be sniffing around, curious to know when CeeC would say what about Tobi; or when Tobi would do what, or say what about CeeC.
You can trust the Naija atmosphere nah. Every attention would now be focussed on "Tobi", "the N45m", "CeeC", "Tobi said this to CeeC", "CeeC said this to Tobi", CeeC and Tobi go out on a date", "Alex snubbed CeeC at an event", "Nina's boyfriend abandoned her over Miracle", "Miracle said this to Tobi", "Tobi spends his money with his new girlfriend", "Klohe said she wished she was Tobi's pair", Miracle's girlfriend dumps him over Nina", "Lolu regrets why he didn't spice things up with Anto", "CeeC snubs Lolu at a TV interview", "Tobi talks about Alex, says their relationship in the house was not real". And all of that!!!!

No wonder Big brother applied the "couple thing" in his house for the house mates. He wanted to trigger romance, gossip, jealousy, hate, commotion, love, lust, care, accusations, and plenty dose of wahala. And to maintain these results in the house during the show and even after the show, he evicted the house mates who were not ready to provide the desired results. 
House mates who did not couple very well were all evicted one after the other.  
The Audience were so surprised at the reason the likes of Rico, Teddy A and Bambam were evicted weeks before the end show. The reason is that Rico refused to show his dramatic part. He was just flowing plainly with every house mate. He had no drama to offer. 
Teddy and Bambam tried, but at a point, the romantic fire in both of them died down. They didn't have any other drama to offer. And as result, they were evicted.

Big brother always has a strategy to always keep the thrills on. This makes the drama to linger in our minds, and this is how big brother markets its brand. 

I am not sure our votes about evictions really counted all this while. 
At every point in time, big brother always knew who's best to leave the show. It's his house so he knows how to run it to keep the drama up.

Tobi is the "man of the game". He had a thing or two to do with CeeC, Alex, Anto, Nina and Bambam. These five ladies are the romantic "live wires" in the big brother house.

Big brother would love the TOBI/CEEC/ALEX/NINA/ANTO/BAMBAM drama to continue even outside the house.
And we the audience are waiting. 

Written by: Winston "Winny Greazy" Oge 

Do you wish to make your film or produce your movie? Then this movie production diary is for you.
It exposes all the materials, stakeholders and personnel involved in film-making. It also highlights the roles and tasks of every personnel especially the ones behind the camera (the crew).
Again it advises the filmmaker on the quality of materials and persons he will employ to work for him in order to produce the best movie or film.


(1) Go for scripts written by very creative writers that write out of passion

(2) The story in the script you go for should have some bizarre twists that can make the audience feel shocked and puzzled at most moments in the movie

(3) Go for script that has a theme that deals with mysterious problems in the society

(4) Go for scripts with stories that have a great conflict between the villain and the protagonist

(5) Don't go for scripts that are too long or have too much number of scenes and locations

(6) Go for Scripts that have mature dialogues in them 

(7) You can buy good written screenplays with unbelievable stories from us at SCRIPTS N PAPERS OR NET-CONTENT MEDIA. Click on the link below
Buy from us quality screenplays with incredible story-lines written by creative writers. Just click here 
You can also Read more on Film-making here

(1) The cast includes the actors and  you must utilize the services of a good casting director 

(1)Executive producer
The aim of an executive producer is to invest his money in a movie project in order to make more money. There every stakeholder employed towards this course should be the best and must be at their best.
Get a producer who has the moral to state the conditions and specifications needed for him to make a good movie right from the story to the script, to the casting, budgeting, hiring of key personnel (the crew), coordination, scheduling of shootings, post production, to distribution, marketing and premiering.
A producer has to be a good manager. He should utilize prudently and effectively the money given to him by the executive producer. He should be able to ask a lot of questions about what the executive actually wants.

(1)Casting director
The casting director should be very emotional about the characters in the script to enable him choose the most appropriate actors. He should also have a full knowledge about the story so he can comfortably explain to the actors what is expected of them.
(2)Cast PA
The cast PA must always be ready to assist the cast director and the chosen actors as well.

Get a director who can interpret a screenplay, visualize the story and make a real life out the characters. He should be able to guide the technical crew, most especially the camera and lighting crew; and also intimate them on the nature of the screenplay and the cast involved. The director should also be able to establish a good relationship between the cast and the crew
(2)First assistant director
(3)Second assistant director
The assistant directors should be able to help both the director and the production manager in certain tasks like overseeing the day-to-day management of the cast and crew scheduling, equipment, script and set.

(1)Location manager
The location manager must oversea the locations department and males sure that final clearing (guaranteeing permission to use) a location for filming.
(2)Assistant location manager
(3)Location scout
(4)Location assistant
(5)Location production assistant
Personnel responsible for everything about location must ensure that the best location the befits the movie is used for filming

(1)Production designer
(2)Art director
(3)Set designer
(5)Graphic artist
(6)Set decorator
The personnel in the art department are responsible for everything about the artistic designs. These include costumes, character makeup, set designs, graphic designs, billboards signs, poster designs, logo and nameplates creation.

(1)Head carpenter
(2)Prop maker
The personnel here oversee the construction of all the sets with directives from the set designer. 

(1)Prop master
(2)Weapons master
All the props needed in filming are managed by the Prop master.
The weapon master is a specialized prop technician who deals with firearms.

(1)Costume designer
(2)Costume supervisor
Everything about costumes is handled by the costume department

(1)Key make-up artist
(2)Special make-up effects Artist (SFX makeup)
(3)Make-up supervisor
(4)Make-up artist
(5)Key hair
(6)Hair stylist
The personnel in the list above handle whatever thing concerning makeup.

(1)Director of photography
The director of photography is the chief of the camera and lighting crew, and he must work with the director to achieve the best shots with correct lens, filter, lighting and composition

(1) Camera operator
The camera operator is the most important personnel in film making. He is the eye of the movie, and any form of mistake from him ruins the whole show.
Therefore, he must ensure he follows the directs of the DOP.
(2)First assistant camera
(3)Second assistant camera
(4)Clapper loader
(5)Film loader
(6)Camera production assistant
(7)Digital imaging technician
(8)Stead cam operator
(9)Motion control technician/Operator
All the above listed do help both the DOP and the camera man in one way or the other.

(2)Best boy
(3)Lighting technician
Everything about lighting are all these listed above.
(1)Production sound mixer
The production sound mixer is the head of the sound department. He must direct the boom operator on how best to capture the sound for every shot
(2)Boom operator

(1)Special effects supervisor
(2)Special effects assistant
This department oversees the mechanical effects that create optical illusions during live-action shooting. “The special effects” is different from the visual effects which adds photographic effects during filming to be altered later during video editing in the post-production process.

(1)Stunt coordinator
The stunts coordinator involves the use of stunt performers in film that requires a stunt

(1)Script supervisor
The script supervisor must be cautious with his role. The continuity of filming after adjustments in the scenes have been made is very important.
He keeps track of what parts of the script have been filmed and makes notes of any deviations between what was actually filmed and what appeared in the script.

(1)Line producer
The line producer is 'on the line' on a day-to-day basis while the shooting and production lasts. He is the liaison between the studio/producer and the production manager
(2)Production assistant
Production assistance do assists in the production office.

(1)Production manager
The production has to make sure that everything concerning filming is well managed.
He supervises the physical aspects of the production which includes personnel, technology, budget and scheduling.
(2)Assistant production manager
(3)Unit manager
The unit manager is same with the production manager but for secondary 'unit' shooting.
(4)Production coordinator
The production coordinator is the information intermediate for logistics pertaining the production manager's tasks

(1)Production accountant
The production accountant manages all finances and  must ensure the production comes in on budget and everyone gets paid.

(1)Post-production supervisor
The post production supervisor will have to maintain clarity of information and good channels of communication between the producer, editor, supervising sound editor, the facilities companies and the production accountant.

(1)Visual effects producer
(2)Visual effects creative director
(3)Visual effects supervisor
(4)Visual effects editor
The team here takes care of the post-productions alterations of the film's images.

(1)Sound designer
(2)Dialogue editor
(3)Sound editor
(4)Re-recording mixer
(5)Music supervisor
(8)Score Recorder/Mixer
(9)Music Preparation
(10)Music editor
The team here handles the theme sounds, tunes and music sounds needed in the movie. This comes in the post-production.

(1)Film editor
(2)Negative cutter
(4)Telecine colorist
The editorial team is responsible for putting together various shots into a coherent film, with the help of the director. 

(1)Unit Publicist
The unit Publicist liaises between the film production and the media.
(2)Legal counsel
Movie production requires entertainment lawyers to oversee the legal aspects in getting the movie done.
(3)System administrator
The system administrator maintains and operates a computer system to ensure all the digital effects for the movie is achieved.  

So you can go ahead now and make your movie! 

But you can also check our other updates and Read more on Film-making here

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