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There are certain steps a Nollywood Script-writer needs to take in order to sell his Nollywood movie scripts. One of them is;
Script review and synopsis
Write a brief review and synopsis of the script. Tell the producer what the content of the script is about. Tell him what to expect when he reads the script. Tell the producer what the script looks like. Write out the properties. A synopsis is simply a sketchy summary of the story in the screenplay.

Just send us a mail @ scriptsandpapers@gmail.com . We help script-writers sell their movie scripts. See proof here https://scriptsandpapers.blogspot.com.ng/2016/09/nollywood-screenplay-for-sale.html
and here

We handle things professionally.

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We have an enviable integrity which we always work hard to protect. And to this end, we dare not copy writers'/artists' work, we do not steal their ideas, we do not indulge in any act of plagiarism and we do not charge any fees or commission for trading on our platform.

Send a mail now to scriptsandpapers@gmail.com , we will help you sell your scripts

Written by: Winston Oge 
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