Tips for film actors/actresses

(1)Ignore the camera
The difference between a good actor and a poor actor is their reactions before the camera.
Camera has a huge role to play in differentiating a professional actor from novice.
In the absence of the camera, every actor lives their normal real natural life. But once the camera mounts on, polarity occurs; the good actors separate from the poor ones.
Suggestion may be that poor actors are afraid of the camera. They agitate ones the camera rolls out on them.
For an actor to be a really good actor, he needs to beat the camera. He needs to be smarter than the camera.
Act as if you were not before the camera. Do not satisfy the camera, satisfy the character you are acting. Do not please the camera, please your role.
Forget about the camera. Neglect it. Uphold your carriage. Take the camera as a space or an atmosphere full of air.

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(2)Make acting a business
Act to earn a living. Act to be called upon for the next production. When you act for these purposes, you will see yourself giving in your best to acting; you'll get more serious, and it will make you improve in your acting career.

(3)Act to teach
The activities of the characters in a movie drive the theme of that movie. The actors are the characters; they mould the theme and send it as a message to the audience. This message is what the actors teach the audience; it is what the audience learns.
When you act carefully to convey the theme of the story in the movie, you are teaching your audience a great deal. This understanding will make you act better and it will make you improve even more and more.

(4)Don't act to show off
A lot of actors especially the budding ones do act to show off. When you act to show off, you will quickly be perceived as a cheap actor by your fans. Fans do not feel comfortable with entertainers who choke them with pride-flooded entertainment. Once fans lose confidence in you, it may affect your acting ability.

(5)Loosen yourself and fit into your role
That you are a rich guy in real life should not be an excuse not to act as a wretched guy in a movie.
That you are a Christian pastor in real life should not be an excuse not to act as a ruthless armed robber in a movie.
Just loosen yourself and pick up the role. It's for business. Just do it and earn your pay.
Convince your mind to act any role. Practice the role. Learn and master many things about it. Act like a professional. This will make you dynamic in the movie industry. You will be called upon more often for acting jobs and it will make you improve tremendously in your acting career.

(6)Do not be a fake actor
Act to represent what a character is. Don't add a behavior you feel or think a character should have. Just leave it default.
Don't force yourself into a character; allow the character move into you.
Take things easy. Ease makes it more natural. It gets more real when it is natural; and you become a better actor when you are real.

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(7)Obey the script
Trust the screenwriter; whether he's good or not, just trust him. Your part is to stick to the script directions and act well. It shouldn't be your concern if the movie doesn't make sense at the end of the production. That should be the concern of the screenwriter and the producer; maybe next time they should come up with something better.
Once you keep on obeying the directions in the screenplay, you will get accustomed with how screenplays work. This will make you a better actor.

(8)Be unique in your role
Just be unique. Create your own pattern and style. When you create your own style of acting, you will become a rare character. Movie producers love rare characters. Audiences too love to see something different.
Do not imitate a popular actor. The more you imitate a popular actor, the more you lose the role, and the more the audience misunderstands you. Once this situation arises, you may start losing confidence in your ability to be yourself. At this point, your acting ability will be fading away. You may lose balance and producers may not be comfortable with it.

(9)Review your worth for a role
Examine the role you have to act and then carefully determine how much the role is worth. Also, find out how many days or months you'll be involved in during shooting.
More often than not, actors find themselves grumbling when their involvement during shooting lasts longer than they thought. Once this situation arises, the actor may lose commitment and focus.
When you know in time how much you'll be paid for a role, and how long you'll be used; your mind will be prepared for it. You'll tend to do your best while the agreement lasts.

(10)Own the movie
Be part of the movie. Be passionately concerned about its welfare. Be obedient to the crew and humbly stick to their rules and regulations.
Crew members love actors who are passionately disposed to their jobs. This situation builds enough confidence in the actor; and it will make him feel better and therefore act better.

(11)Study the script, master the diction
Learn the dialogues to your role. Rehearse and master the words therein. You must not attend some courses on language speaking before you can be qualified for acting. Just study the script. The more you read and study the lines in your script, the more you near perfection in diction. At a point, you'll become a much better actor.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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