(1) Complete or answer a question about the common name of your product.
For example:
Question: Can I eat noodles three times a day?
Answer: Yes, anytime you are hungry. No matter the time of the day. No matter how often.
From the above example, you can create your slogan from the question thus; ''three times a day'' or ''many times a day''
From the answer, thus; ''anytime you are hungry'' or ''No matter the time of the day'' or ''No matter how often''.
This is just a tip. You can do better than this. You know yourself as an advertiser, you know what you can do, you know your product, and you know how best you can make it sell. Do it now! But you can still ask questions in the comment box, though.

(2) Lift phrases and clauses from a normal verbal or written discussion about the common name of your product.
These phrases or clauses can be further re-written to create the desired slogan for your product.

(3) Knowledgeable verbal or written debate and argument about the common name of your product can contain therein, good phrases and clauses for your product.

(4) A comprehensive note on the uses and applications of the common name of your product can also help you create good slogan. As usual, you will have to carefully point out the appropriate phrases and clauses.

(5) A proper examination about the feelings, approaches and daily perceptions from people about the common name of your product can go a long way in helping you.
What you have to do is to write them down and pick out favorite and appropriate clauses and phrases.

(6) Comparison between the common name of your product and a common name of another different commodity all together can precipitate some phrases and clauses which you can use to create your slogan.
For example:
This specific name 'Lucozade boost' whose common name is 'Energy drink', compares its usefulness with another commodity whose common name is 'Water'.
Here, the precipitated slogan which Locozade boost now uses is ''better than water''
Anytime anyone mentions ''better than water'', people's mind will be directed to 'Locozade boost'.
One thing you should note here is that, this particular tip is used when your product has some similarities in uses and applications with that of the different commodity.
Mind you, you must not mention the specific name of any product; else you may be in real legal problems. Specific names are names created by other advertisers like you. They are otherwise known as brand names. Common names are more like natural names. They are the generally accepted names for a commodity.

(7) You can create your slogan using clue from the specific name, theme, label, description and application of your product.

(8) You can also use figurative expressions.
Figurative expressions are very literal, but yet they give to the mind a picture of the real thing being talked about your product.

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