Nobody in this life can claim everything in their life or around them is going on perfectly well. In one time or the other an undesirable situation or condition emerges. Everybody is always in a fight for or against a desire. The life we live is in the midst of troubles, trials, and temptations. The physical nature around us does not allow us attain the perfection and peace we want. Also the internal nature inside us does not allow us be the kind of person we want to be. There is always something wrong. There is always something to correct. There is always a want. All these happens in a screenplay. The protagonist is always in a fight against imperfections.

In every good screenplay, there is always an unwanted situation; something is not the way it ought to be; a normalcy has been interrupted; a natural existence has been altered; freedom has been limited; a usual smooth system has been truncated; peace has been threatened; a good personality has been bedeviled; a wonder has occurred; a strange thing has happened, and most of all, the protagonist has been disturbed.

The protagonist knows fully that if he doesn't do anything to salvage the situation, then all of the good people will be engulfed by evil. He has no option than to fight!

In a fight, there must be a winner, and there must be a looser. The protagonist fights to win.
Several other problems may come up and he must fight them.
After subduing the first problem, it may appear he has won. The win will appear to be real until the next problem comes up. He must keep on fighting. This process helps drive and maintain the plot.

His internal problems are also among the unwanted conditions he fights against.
One's home must be good before they complain about the public. Charity begins at home. If anyone doesn't put his home in order, they may end up washing their dirty linens in public.
The protagonist, in as much as he fights external problems, he also fights to fix his internal problems.
The people he is protecting are social humans. At one point or the other these social humans tend to have faceoff between each other. Making amends and restoring their internal peace is the condition that has to be met before they can team up and fight the external forces.
It is the responsibility of the protagonist to fix these problems. After they have achieved unity, they can now fight the external with one mind.

The protagonist may also have his own personal flaws. He intermediately engages in a fight with himself; a fight to get himself close to perfection.

All these fights to overcome, the external problems, internal problems and personal flaws are the resources that help drive a story.

Written by: Winny Greazy.

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