Everybody loves to get an award for doing something good. Screenplay writers are not left out of the group of people that are doing something good.
If you are a screenplay writer, and you want to get an award for the good thing you are doing; screen writing, then you must keep on doing that good thing in the right way.

An award winning screenplay is a screenplay which

  • has a well defined structure and lay out

  • is not more than 120 pages (for spec script)

  • the reader is inspired to continue reading after the very first page

  •  the antagonism in the story is established by page five

  • the protagonist or a hint on who the protagonist is, is known by page five

  •  something entertaining happens in the first five pages

  • the first ten pages contain plenty of actions

  •  the premise is established by page ten

  •  the plot of the story is changing the emotions of the reader

  • the characters are introduced in a descriptive manner

  • the actions are very active, precise and well outlined

  •  the dialogue is mature, short and to the point

  • has no camera instructions, shot descriptions, and editing instructions (for spec script)

Other points include;

  • the beginning of the screenplay is not with a flash back

  • the locations look real and not fake

  • the characters names are familiar and easy to be pronounced

  • has scenes which can be possible in real life, and which the actors can perform their actions

  •  has good themes which can connect with the original theme of the screenplay

  •  has a unique concept

  •  is replete with a lot of useful information

  •  must teach good lessons

  •  must eliminate the antagonism

  •  must have a wonderful ending

Written by: Winny Greazy

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