A successful script writer is one who has an audience. A product must reach, and also be enjoyed by its final consumers before it can be regarded useful. The usefulness of this product makes its producer successful.
A useful script is a script which is read and enjoyed by an audience. A successful script writer is one who writes this useful script.

The script writer and the audience are the two important people in the world of script writing. The former depends on the later for an accomplishment in his job, while the later depends on the former for a superb entertainment and excitement.
There is a constant relationship between the two.
Relationship is the way in which two people or two groups behave towards each other. It is the way in which two or more things are connected and affect each other.
A script writer must build an audience. He must also maintain a good relationship with them.
Now, how can a script writer build an audience?
Building an audience may take some processes which will all be discussed under three subtopics; A, B and C

(A) Understanding your audience
The audiences include the readers of your scripts, and the others who watch the movies from your screenplay.
All of these audiences want the best. They want a thrilling piece.
The readers do not want any hitch or distraction as the read on.They want an original story outline with a good creativity and concept. They want a kind of plot that will vehemently move them.
The audience in the theatre neither has all the time to spend nor have all the money to pay, to sit for almost two hours watching a movie that doesn't in any way worth all they've invested. They will love the time and money spent to be worth the movie watched. Try and make them happy. Let your screenplay suit them.
Your audiences are humans and there are certain moods they often find themselves in. At any point in time, in a particular mood, they may want to watch a particular type of movie. Just be there to satisfy their wants. These moods may coincide with the type of genres we have in script writing. As you write your scripts, be sure to often write on those genres that can fit into those regular moods these audiences find themselves in.
Try and always find out those questions your audience may ask about your script or the movie. Answer them while writing the script.
Avoid those mistakes they may frown at. Put yourself in them and let them drive you. Make your relationship with them very firm.

(B) Understanding your job
The urge your audiences have for something entertaining is the force that drives you to write something truly entertaining.
The way your audience feel is the way you should write your script.
For crying out loud, you are writing for your audience. What you have written is not for your consumption. Why should you write a script your audience would not enjoy reading, or watching its movie?
You should understand that writing for your audiences is your job. Do not joke with it.

(C) Building your audience
Now you have almost satisfied your audience with your job. Why not continue the relationship?
Create communication channels like facebook page, twitter handler, weblog and website. Invite your audiences and share some things with them. Share some of your experiences. Write them some success tips and motivation. You can even write some good stories and scripts and allow them read.
Let them contact you. Off course you know this is very important as you may through it get other clients.
Give out your office address. You can even try and give out your personal mobile phone numbers. Just try and make it somehow personal.
Make your audiences your friends.
Be in a relationship with them and write a better script.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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