If you are looking for something that can drive your story and plot, just create characters that have flaws.

More often than not, screen-writers create characters that are so perfect and talented. These characters, otherwise known as the protagonists, use this talent to solve series of problems that come their way. They use the talent to overcome various obstacles created by the opposition. They devise means that help them outwit or overpower the antagonist, and consequently restore peace and normalcy to their own lovely people.
These series of activities by the protagonist to suppress the antagonists inadvertently drive the story.

But, all the above alone is not enough to drive a story. All the above is just the 'outward drive'. It is just the external conflict for the protagonist.
External conflict alone may not be able to keep the story moving. It may not be able to maintain a plot that can arouse the audience's emotions.
There is need for an internal conflict. Internal conflict is made possible where the protagonist has flaws. The flaws will occasionally foil all his tactics for his enemies. They will manifest time to time to mar all his plans, and will at one moment or the other render him powerless. The flaws will always force him to retreat and face himself first, before facing the enemies again.
As things keep on moving, he will find out if he doesn't subdue his flaws, they will keep coming up to disturb him. At this time, he may completely abandon his fight against his enemies to solve his internal problems.
When he would have done solving these internal problems, he will now attack his enemies in full swing.

Creating characters with flaws is another means of moving your story forward.
A balanced story is where the protagonist fights his enemies, and also sometimes fights himself.

The importance of creating characters with flaws is huge.
One of this is that your audience will be very emotional reading or watching these characters. Sometimes the audience will tend to feel for them. This will make this audience be a part of the movie and they will now watch it with keen interest.
Another importance is that these characters will create a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. Consequently, your audience will always remember your creativity whenever they remember those characters.

Don't just think of creating beautiful and talented characters. Think of creating ugly and imperfect ones too.

In Jungian Psychology, a person's flaw is referred to as the 'shadow'. Get in touch with your shadow and let that feed your character. Some of the most memorable characters in film history are remembered primarily for their shadow.

Written by: Winny Greazy 

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