Do not be discouraged by what you hear. Do not be deterred by what you see in the media. Just know it that you have a chance to write a screenplay and then get it sold.

We have series of genres for screenplay:
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Rom-Com, Drama, Family, Animated, Period, Historical, War, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Epic and more.
Each genre can have many millions of screenplays written on it. No two screenplays on a particular genres can be the same.
They must definitely differ in story structures. Peradventure they have same story structure, they must definitely differ in their plots, themes, backgrounds, characters or actions.
So, if you really understand this, you will find out that in a collection of many millions of screenplays, it may never be possible to find two scripts that look exactly alike. This is to tell you that the screenplay domain is so vast that it can accommodate anybody who really wants to write.

Very often, you hear or read about the processes one has to go through before they can finally get their screenplay sold. Sources will make you understand that top executives in the movie industry will have to read, examine and evaluate your script before it can even become a spec script. These sources will also inform you that these executives place stringent rules which may disqualify your script and then render it useless. These sources will still go ahead and list a whole lot of these rules, both the applicable ones and the non applicable ones. They will instill fear in you, and then, it will be hard for you to believe you ever have a chance to write even a screenplay; not to talk of selling it.
Don't mind all these discouraging information. Allow the media say what they want and then allow your writing spirit to always give you the moral to dare.
Dare write a screenplay today! A good screenplay is a rare commodity; once you have it, no rules can stop it from selling. What you owe the movie industry is to first write one. Other things about getting it sold will work out with ease.

Some other people or some other sources of information may also inform you that you must be a movie producer or real film-maker before you can write a screenplay.
Well, being a producer or having knowledge about film-making is a very wonderful venture. It can enhance your writing a screenplay and selling it. That's because you are in the business already.
But if you are neither a producer nor a film maker, do not be afraid. When you work hard and write a good screenplay, even those so called producers and film makers will make their ways to you. They will love to buy the screenplay quickly before their fellow film-makers get to you.
You always have a chance, no matter what.

There is a division of Labor in the movie industry. One person will write the script, another will do the re-write. Then the other people will do the real film-making.
You may not bother yourself thinking about how to do the re-write, or how to do the casting, or how to do the budgeting. All you need is to do your best and write a good screenplay first.

Don't tell me many people are screen-writers already. Don't tell me many people are there in the industry.
One thing you will have to know is that many people claim they can write, but not many actually end up with a completed screenplay. Some do drop out. They drop out because they don't have the 'driving force'.
Writing a screenplay can be boring and directionless at times. At a point you may be totally confused. It only takes a determined mind to sort out the problems that caused that confusion, and then move forward thereafter.
But even if we accept that many people are there already, the demand for screenplays is still higher than the supply.
The audience's eyes and minds always need something slightly different from the rest they have seen.

You have a chance. Just try and write a good screenplay, you will get something good out of it.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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