A low budget film is a film which its production is not costly. It is a film that has just moderate equipment, items, props and settings. It is a film which its screenplay has moderate elements.

The story ideas one has which they may eventually translate into a screenplay cut across low and high budget films. That is to say that a screenplay can cost much to be produced, or it may not cost much. This depends on the type, genre and magnitude of the story.

Upcoming writers more often than not develop stories which scripts make high budget films. The reason may be that they want to impress their readers and show them how good they, the writers are.
But to be frank with you, producers often frown at such scripts. Producers pray for very good action packed scripts, but in their inner minds, they pray those scripts are low budget ones. These producers are usually independent film makers. So you won't have to blame them for wanting scripts that will not cost much to produce.

Here are features of a low budget film; below;

(i) Few locations
(ii) No brutal fight
(iii) No much bleeding
(iv) No gun battles
(v) No cars and helicopter chases.
(vi) No much computer generated images (CGIs)
(vii) No heavy equipment
(viii) No computerized machineries

So whenever you are writing a screenplay for a low budget film, you have to bear in mind the above features. In fact, you have to assume you are the independent film maker. You should know what and what to avoid so that you can reduce the cost of production.

When writing a low budget film, take note of these below;

(i) Write a story that has not too many characters
(ii) Avoid unbelievable actions
(iii) Your characters should not own too much cars, houses and other property
(iv) Chose a soft genre
(v) Everything should be concise

Just write what you feel you can produce as an infant producer, that's all.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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