What you can do lies in what you have done. What you can write lies in what you have written. The story you can tell lies in the story you have told. The message you can send to your audience lies in the one they have received. Whether you can entertain your audience or not lies in how you've entertained them. The suspense you can create in your story lies in how your audience's emotions and curiosity has been suspended. The characters you can create lies in the ones you have created.
Whether you can write a screenplay or not lies in the screenplay you have written. Whether you are good in writing a screenplay or not lies in the number of your screenplays that have been read.
You have to start writing something now. Start testing yourself. Don't sit in the couch and claim you can write; and then be elegantly waiting for a mail requesting you to write for an existing client.
Examination is based on your response to that examination. Nobody can examine or score you if you've not done any work.
Actions and reactions are equal and opposite; and until you write something, nobody will know whether you can write or not. Nobody will know what you can write.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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