-If u are a screenwriter, the way u live ur daily life is how ur characters should live too. Try and always create a lively world!

-A good screenplay is a gold fish. People say gold fish do not hide; but perhaps they may have never seen one.

-Everybody has a point to prove in every issue. Prove yours with the story in your screenplay.

-Look into the eyes of those characters you have created. Feel what they feel and then write the dialogues. #greatdialogue.

-A balanced screenplay story is where the protagonist fights his enemies, and also sometimes fights himself.

-A script writer is a 'Jack of all trade and master of all' He writes all the elements of the script by himself

-The audience is always hungry.
Just feed them with a good script.

-Many can write a screenplay, but very few can write it better.
Just try and belong to that very few.

-One of the ways to write a good screenplay; close your eyes, remember one of ur most anxious moments and then write it as ur 1st scene.

-Something in you always makes you write. Do not suppress it. Just give it a chance.

-Wake up in the morning and begin to write down the nightmare you had last night. What a good thriller screenplay that will make ! ?

-Your job is to watch those good movies, and then write a better screenplay.
Your job is not to watch those good movies, and then begin to say ''that's the best movie''

-Where are all those Nollywood script writers? You all should log unto; scriptsandmorescripts.blogspot.com

-Where are all those Hollywood script writers? You all should log unto; scriptsandmorescripts.blogspot.com

-Success comes from fun. Have fun with script writing and see how successful you'll be.

Compiled by Winny Greazy.
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