The producers, the directors and the casts would never be recognized if there was no good screenplay. A good screenplay is the hub!

Dear screen writer, please write a script everybody can understand. Film making is all about collaboration; from the writer till the director.

Everybody claims they can write a screenplay. You need to be rest assured that you can write it even better.

Dear screen writer, please do not let the feeling of loneliness stop you from writing. Keep on writing. Your good script will draw friends to you.

If you work hard and write a good screenplay, then be rest assured that you have saved millions of people who wish to be thrilled by a movie.

The greatest part of writing is the pre writing - Winny Greazy

Write a good screenplay and see millions of people dying to see its movie.

Your first draft? Get more serious with it. The greatest part of writing is the pre writing.

Many screenplays are written but not many screenplays are sold and produced eventually. You can make yours be sold. Just do it!

At a point in time, you may need to understand that screen writing is not a fantasy, but a source of living. #Earnasyouwrite

Do not write to show off. Write to teach your audience. Write with the words they can understand.

If you are alive right now, you can easily write a good screenplay. A screenplay contains everything that happens in real life.

Write the stories you experienced and see your screenplay win awards.

Writing a story you experienced is not same as writing what you think could be a story.

There are many stories to write, many themes to explore and many characters to create. Start working now!

What information does my audience want to get after seeing the title of my script?
This is the question a writer should ask himself. #Tipsforwriters

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