At the beginning of a movie, you are tensed. After about the first three to four scenes you are relaxed. At another moment you start feeling pathetic. The next moment you start smiling. After this moment, you become nervous. At another moment you start feeling sad. Then the next moment tension sets in. And lastly, at the next moment which can be the last two scenes, you feel relaxed again. These are the consequences of a plot.
Plot is the events the make up a story. It is the pattern with which these events occur.
Human emotions are very dependent on this pattern of events that occur. As different events occur, patterns change, and then human emotions also change.
As pointed out earlier, human emotions change from normalcy to anxiety, happiness, sympathy, laughter, fear, anger, to anxiety and then back to normalcy.
Each of these changes in emotions takes it's time. This time taken corresponds to a particular pattern in the event of the plot.
Plot drives emotions. Emotions changes repeatedly until it finally gets to a relaxed state when the events in the plot must have been exhausted.
The longer the events in the plot last, the more the repetition of emotional changes.
This can be pictured as a curve where at the left foot of the curve you find the 'normal state'. At the highest vertical point of the curve, you find the 'climax'. And then at the right foot of the curve, you find the 'normal state' again. As long as the plot keeps on moving, this can go on and on to create more curves; this is a sinusoidal curve.
Every segment of these curves is equal to an emotional change.
All these changes take their individual time and this makes plot a function of time, just like a sinusoidal curve.

The story in a movie has a plot. This is what makes you emotionally attached to that movie.
In a screenplay, a lot of external and internal forces affect the characters. This makes them change their internal and external feelings; and their approaches to certain actions also change. This consequently changes the emotions of the audience.
When writing your screenplay, you should understand that a good plot is all you need to let your audience into the world you have created. Your plot should be one that makes them always have an emotional feeling at any given moment.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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