Script writer, please get a story from your life

Every moment or situation is a movie story. Although you may shy away from it, you cannot run away from it. A story is always surrounding every of your life activities. A story is in whatever thing you say. A story is in whatever move you make. A story is in whatever action you take. A story is in every single thing you experience. A story is in every bit of your life. A story is your life; your life is a story.

Life is full of ups and downs. We face the bad, we also face the good; a little to the left and a little to the right. Sometimes we are disappointed and sometimes we are not. Sometimes we weep and sometimes we smile. Sometimes we over feed and sometimes we have little or nothing to eat.
At a time, we fall sick and at another time, we are healthy. At a time, we score good marks and at another time, we do not. At a time, we succeed and at another time, we fail. At a time, people die and at another time, some others are born. All these that happen in a life are the events that make up a story.

A story is simply a description of how an event happened. A story can only be told if there is an event. There will be no event if there are no humanistic activities. There will be no humanistic activities if there is no life. Invariably, there will be no story if there is no life.

Script-writers do write stories. They feed on stories. Their job is dependent on stories. Even if they are writing an advert script, they still need a story about the product they are writing on. Even if they are writing a speech, they will need information on the issue they are writing on. This information on that issue is the story about that issue.
Simply put, another name for script-writers are ''creative story writers''.

A script-writer should see life as a story he needs to write his scripts. He should look no further because the stories he needs are around him. All he needs to do is to be conscious always.
A script-writer should take advantage of every situation he is passing through to mould an idea which he can develop into a story; and eventually turn into a book, stage play or a screenplay.
All a script-writer needs is a flow of idea; and for this flow to be in a constant stream, he needs to take life as ''a story I'm supposed to write down''.
Once you believe that life is a story you are supposed to write down, then everything that happens in your life will be equal to neutral. Neutral, as in your disappointment will be like an appointment. Your sad moment will be like a joyous moment. You failure will no more look like a failure. You will just take everything as the story you need to write your scripts.
Would this not be a kind of better life; a life where an undesirable situation is just like a normal situation; a life with no stress?

Anyway, whatever it may be or however it may sound; if you make your life your story, then you can write every genre of stage play, screenplay or whatever.
There are many screenplay genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Rom-Com, Drama, Family, Animated, Period, Historical, War, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror.
All these happen in life. So, dear script-writer look at your life and the life of your fellow humans, choose a story genre, and then start writing.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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