Screenplay 'story antagonism' from your inner self

The driving force of the story in a movie is in the magnitude of the opposition. The success of the story in a screenplay is in the greatness of the effect of the opposition on the opposed.
Antagonism is the sum of all the hostilities and unfriendliness that befall the protagonist. The protagonist always has a quest; a quest to achieve something good which will benefit his people.
There is always a villain who leads the antagonism against the protagonist. He devises a lot of evil, dehumanizing and immoral means of terminating this protagonist's quest.

If you want to be successful in writing about your villain, or about these evil and dehumanizing obstacles around your protagonist; you must unlock the inner wicked aspect of you. Yes! It's your job to create these evils around your protagonist; and the more wicked and devilish they are, the more the struggles of your protagonist will be.
Remember your aim is to make your protagonist a hero. For anyone to be a hero, he would have gone through and survived a lot of adversaries.

You have to bare the ugly side of your mind. The human mind stores both the good and the bad. Nobody wants to center his thoughts on the bad. Everyone thinks of good (not for the ruthless and wicked people who always plan to perpetrate evil).
For a wonderful screenplay, you need to start thinking of evil against your fellow human. When you start doing so, you will begin to get some insights in various modes you can use to develop a massive screenplay 'story antagonism'.

You have to develop the heart of wickedness.
Thinking about doing bad things to your fellow human is forbidden. But in choosing screenplay or stage play writing as your job, you have no option than to do so.
You need to have the in-depth knowledge about how to perpetrate evil against your fellow human.
You have to create the most forbidden acts. You need to bring up the bad side of you.
No one is encouraging you to really do bad things to people around you, what you are made to understand is that you should imitate these thoughts from your mind and use them as a model or guideline to create your screenplay 'story antagonism'.

You must not wish anyone any good.
It's not good to wish anyone bad. But for the sake of your screenplay, you have to. You have to visualize a bad wish in order to write it down. A way to visualize it is to put it in practice. A way to put it in practice is to wish it on people.
For example; you may be driving along the road and noticed an accident that would have befallen a car in front of yours. Later that day you may be thinking of how it eventually didn't happen.
It would be ruthless of you enough to wish it happened. It would also be demonic of you enough to visualize it happened.
But you are a screenwriter, so you must wish it happened. You must also visualize and demonstrate it.
It may be immoral or sinful to you; "How can you wish someone evil?" your friends may ask. But you have to ignore the immorality and wish it really happened.
It's your job for crying out loud! How else are you supposed to write a good story full of obstacles and challenges to your protagonist?

You must be greedy. Don't be contented with what you have.
This is the attribute a villain has which makes him always fight the protagonist.

You must be an enemy of progress. People around you should not achieve success.
Screenplay 'story antagonism' is all about the various ways of stopping the protagonist and his people from achieving whatever good that will benefit them.

You must be a sadist. You must enjoy being cruel to your fellow humans.
This is what a villain does.
You must be an overall bad person.

Remember, challenges and ugly situations are the factors that drive the urge of your protagonist to save his people and himself. This is what drives the entire movie.
It's likely your conscience will judge you for your bad wishes towards people.
You don't have to mind your conscience. You are doing your job to earn some money.
Let your wicked inner self help you out.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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