Screenplay 'story protagonism' from your inner self
NB: Don't mind the word "protagonism"

Do you have a good heart? Are you kind? Do you love your people? Can you fight for your people? Can you save your people? Are you brave? Can you withstand oppositions? Can you conquer the enemy? Can you solve a problem? Can you restore peace? Are you really a good guy?
If your answer to most of these questions above is 'yes', then you are good to go in deriving and writing some means of countering whatever antagonism you have created in the story for your screenplay.

A protagonist is the character in a movie that is in a competition, battle, or struggle.
It is the responsibilities vested on him that makes him to be in a battle and struggle against the enemies.
He is the kind of man that never allows any form of evil to befall on the people he cares for.
This is what a script writer like you should take note of.
The competition between this protagonist and his antagonist is the driving force for a movie.
If you have learnt how to unlock the bad aspect of your inner self to create the various cases of your antagonism (check for an update on this blog; screenplay "story antagonism"), now is the time to also unlock the good aspect of your inner self in order to create the various cases of your 'story protagonism'.

-Always think about good deeds to your fellow humans
-Wish them well
-Be ready to save them from any kind of danger
-Be ready to share whatever you have with them, no matter how little. In addition, you must be contented
-You must be brave
-You must be courageous
-You must be a lover of peace
-Your thoughts will always be full of humane

The more you practice all these attitude, the more you have a better opportunity to present your protagonist in your screenplay.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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