No dream is a nightmare.

Dream is a simple reaction by the mind to what it has inside of it.

Are you a young man who goes to bed and seldom has a dream in which unidentified men chase you to kill you?
Do you dream where you are swimming in a pool of water, and then you believe the devil is at work?
Do you have sex in your dream?
Do you dream where you are eating some delicious food; and then you claim your enemy is attempting to poison you, or you are being initiated into a secret cult?
Do you dream about someone you know; and then after few days, coincidentally, the person dies; and then you become worried that once you dream about anyone, he or she dies?
Has someone ever let you understand that some certain signs you see in your dreams denote some certain evils that will befall upon you? Or that some certain activities you partake in your dream are indications that your enemies are getting at you?
Has that person gone farther to list the various kinds of foods you should eat or avoid in your dream? Or inform you the kind of pool of water you swim in or avoid?
Whether yes or no to all the above questions, you have to be objective and ready to understand that dream is just a dream.

Dream is a relay of series of thoughts from your mind about all the physical activities you experienced live.
It is a manifestation by the mind of what you think about, what you wish for, what you imagine, your feelings and body responses. It's about the people you have ever seen or had business with.
It's what you have heard, seen, felt, tasted, perceived. It's where you have visited, lived, worked. It's the people you've seen, talked with, hugged, kissed, slept with, and played with. It's the food you have eaten, cooked. It's the games you've played, seen, won. It's the business you've had, participated in. It's whatever you've had. It's everything you've ever experienced.

The mind keeps the memories of all these. At some particular time of your life and at a particular time of the day, perhaps when the body is at rest or sleeping; the mind remains active and relays these memories to you through dream.
It combines all of these in such a way you may find it difficult to analyze them or find out they are the thoughts and memories that have been in your mind. It only takes a very articulate person, who is conscious enough in noting some of his live activities to do that.

The two major elements in a dream are;
-the environment (setting)
-humans (characters)
Other elements include other living and non living objects.

All these elements are the people, places and things you have seen, been to, wished for, thought of or imagined; as mentioned earlier.
Dream is in such a way that it combines all of these elements in a random manner, but yet passing a particular massage.

The mind is ever active. It's full of thoughts when you are awake. It's also full of thoughts when you are asleep; but here, it's in another form which is dream.

Now; knowing full well what dream is all about, we can further study it as a concept.
Here; we can highlight the characteristics, types, aims and uses of dreams.


Dream has no manipulation

Dream is what it is. You cannot say it's not what it is. All the mind does is to keep on manifesting all the thoughts, feelings and memories in it. By so doing, it passes across a message which is relayed to you.
What a dreamer now does after he would have woken up is to try and recall his dream.
The message a dream passes cannot be manipulated. You may think it has a particular meaning, whereas its original meaning is far from yours.

You keep on dreaming about a particular stage in your life where the roles you played were very significant. Perhaps it was a stage which partly contributed to what you are right now. Perhaps it was also a stage that was supposed to make or mar your future.
In this stage, you worked hard to attain some level of integrity which would help protect yourself and your success as you move further in life. You used every available resource to make sure you achieved this.
Now, nobody can claim to be meticulous enough to avoid mistakes. People make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. They may not even notice it until they move a little further above that stage.
This is where regrets set in. Now in this present time, you would wish you had put everything in order then. At every moment, you would remember those mistakes you made and you would be nostalgic about the whole situation. You are not happy because in one way or the other, it has had some effects on your future; which is this present time.
You will not be fulfilled and you will keep on thinking about it.
Everybody is concerned about their future. Their minds are also always on their future.
As you remember that stage when the mistakes were made, your mind will feel those nostalgic feelings. And then through dream, it will relay them to you.
If that stage you made those mistakes was perhaps in your high school or college or your former work place, the mind will always relay it to you using that setting (i.e. that environment).
You may be worried and you may always try to find out why you always dream about that setting.
The answer is simple. The dream is sending you a message that you were not fulfilled by your deeds when you were there in that setting. That's just the fact.
Dream is not an abstract thing. It works in response to the things you feel in yourself. It is part of you. It is part of the inner you. It corresponds to the things you did, the things you are doing, and the things you want to do. The mind is always there to feel what is in you, and the best way to let you see them is through dreams.

Again, there is this issue a reader raised about a dream where she was shot on the leg by a policeman and on waking up, she had a dislocation on that spot she was shot in that dream.

Now the thing here is that this dislocation is not as a result of that dream. Yes it's not! It's just not! Don't apply superstition to your dreams.
The bones in your leg are already at a point of being dislocated. This dislocation state is now rather the cause of your dream. Remember your mind is still active even if you are sleeping.
You may have during the day had an activity that would warrant that dislocation. The dislocation may not have manifested immediately. It's a biological process, and biological processes take time to fully manifest.
Now as you sleep, you stretch your legs to every direction on the bed. Yes, you should stretch yourself; to have a sleep is to have a good rest; you have to feel free, relax and stretch yourself.
So in the process of stretching your leg, the full dislocation condition may be initiated. Once it initiates, your mind would have started feeling it. Your mind will now be on it. This process will trigger a dream. You will now have a dream about a scene in a particular setting (which will be an environment you had ever seen) with some characters (who will include people you have seen before) who will perform an action that will land on that leg. This action may be shots from a gun, knock from the police baton, and painful pressure from a stick or whatever. You may feel the pain and as a result, you will wake up suddenly.
Before this point, the full course of the dislocation process has manifested physically.
So this dream is just a means by which the mind registers to you that something has happened to your leg.
After you wake up, you will now start feeling the pain; this is the dislocation.
Do not be afraid. It's not the dream that caused it. It's the pain that caused the dream.
Dream has a co relation to the physical life. The mind is the intermediate. Messages are relayed. Don't get the message twisted. Just study your life and your daily activities, and then you may understand and elucidate your dreams.

Dream requires a code

There are always many thoughts running in your mind. This brings about more than one dream. Each dream represents each of those thoughts.
It's often not so easy to remember vividly all the dreams you had in the night. But if you manage to do this, (off course you have to try and remember) you will find out it's in a particular sequence based on your thoughts.
There could appear a mix up of the settings, objects or the humans.
One of the dreams can use one setting to manifest more than one thought from your mind. It will be in such a way the messages about the thoughts in the mind which the mind itself wants to relay will happen in a setting. This means that several scenes will be seen in that particular environment or setting.

The first scene will be of the first message about the first thought. The characters and other objects pertaining to this particular thought will be seen, and all the activities about it will take place.
From that scene, it shifts to another scene with its related characters and objects pertaining to the second thoughts which will now have its message relayed.
After this second scene, it can move to the third scene.
All these take place in that one setting and they are in line with those various thoughts in the mind.

There is also another case where the characters which are originally in the thoughts of the mind can change during this message relay.
A character may stand in for another which is the main character you had in mind before you went to bed.
This character that stands in for another will just relay the same message as though it was that one you originally had in mind.
This character still, is not just a character from nowhere. It is a character you have ever seen or had a relationship with in real life. Remember nothing passes by the mind. The mind is recording everything even without your permission to it.
So here the mind makes this character to stand in for the original one.

Certain other things may change too; the objects and other elements.
These other elements may include the subject of the issue.
If it was a "marriage issue" you discoursed with your "friend"; during the dream, your mind may change your "friend" and "the marriage issue" into, say, your "mother" and "family issue".
One thing is sure here; the mind will not change the message and the central lesson you supposed to learn from that discursion. What your "friend" was advising you about "marriage" will be very closely related to what your "mother" is advising you about "family". The mind knows fully the message you are supposed to get, so it relays it to you.
One thing you should know is that things change in the dream, but the central meaning of that dream never changes.
These are the things about dreams which will require you to code them.

Now these changes occur because of the many thoughts in your mind. The mind is very sensitive about the messages, but due to a lot of characters, settings, objects and other elements it has been exposed to in real life, it's bound to make a lot of changes in the dream.
Don't blame it. It's not easy to keep all these thoughts and then sequentially execute them.

Dream lingers

If you dream about one thing, there is very much of possibility you may dream of something relating to that again.
The relationship here is the message in the dream. The message in the first dream will be the same with the second dream. The settings can be the same, or it may change. So also the characters and other elements.
Dream lingers as the thoughts on that issue lingers. You think over an issue again and again, the dream about it may also come again and again.

Dream can be activated

A long time thought on something very important can be activated into a dream by a recent similar thought.
It's possible you think about a certain issue for a long time without dreaming about it. At a point you may stop thinking about it for a while. Any other subsequent thought on that certain issue may now result to a dream. The dream is activated by this recent thought from the earlier thought.
The incidence of this recent thought informs the mind which didn't bother producing a dream at the first incidence of this thought to now produce a dream.
May be at the first time, the mind didn't see the need for a dream. But on an emergence of the same thought again, the mind may now feel the need for a dream.
In other words, dream hooks on a very recent thought to relay a message on an earlier thought.
This is the way it gets activated.


Complicated dream

This is as a result of varieties of thoughts, experiences, wishes, places, events, regrets, and so many other relationships you had earlier in that day, just that day. It can also not be just that day.
All these will form components of a setting created in the dream. The setting used will be one of the settings from one of the environments you saw live, earlier in that day.
At a time in the dream, the setting may change. This change in the setting will be to accommodate other components that cannot take place in the previous setting, i.e. the 1st setting.

This depends however on the deepness and length of your sleep. It's possible you may wake up and end a session of the dream, and then continue thereafter when you would have gone back to sleep.
The extent the components are going to appear in your dream will be determined by; how attached, how mindful, how passionately disposed, how worrisome, how enjoyable, how future molding, how deep is the wish, how thoughtful, how relating with the people you see in the dream, how these people you see in your dream affected your life, and how concerned you are to the thoughts.
A component may not be in your dream if you didn't care much about it, or if it was negligible in live, earlier that day.
Characters and other elements may also change. Infect, the whole dream sequence becomes so complicated in the since you will have to code.

Superimposed Dream

For a superimposed dream, a set of characters and other elements perform activities based on more than one thought in the mind.
This takes place in just a setting, but the different thoughts are represented. The activities of these characters that will relay messages about each of the thoughts will happen in parts.
This type of dream normally emerges when these characters are related to each of the thoughts that were in the mind.
The dream will take advantage of the "all character in one thought and setting" to relay its message at once.
It sees no need to change the setting or characters.
This can also be referred to as all in one dream.

Insightful dream

This could be an advantage from dream.
A dream can show you what you are likely to face in real life.
Everybody has an ambition. These ambitions always run through the mind as the mind thinks about them.
In the dream, characters and settings that are pertaining to that ambition will come up and then perform activities that will be directed to that ambition. Their activities may include; the way to go about the ambition, obstacles you may meet on the way to achieving the ambition, and the way to handle it if you eventually achieve it.

This activity of the characters will now serve as the message in the dream regarding the thoughts about that ambition. The message will now be relayed to you.
It's now left for you to analyze the whole dream sequence and pick some vital information which you need to go about your ambition.

This is also applied to a wish which you pray will come to pass one day.
Your dream can relay to you a message from which you can use to make that your wish come true. It will show you the insightful approach to use in order to make things work.

Incomplete dream

There is a kind of situation where the mind is not able to manifest a constant stream of dream sequence. The dream sequence is usually obstructed and as result, a complete message cannot be relayed.
This situation arises when you, the dreamer intermediately gain consciousness while sleeping. Dream and consciousness do not support each other. It's either your mind is doing the normal thinking when you are conscious, or it's in a dream sequence when you are not conscious.

This regain of consciousness is usually due to restiveness. May be you are being so much disturbed about worries in your life, or that your health condition is not stable.
It could also be that you are trying to be conscious of the time you will wake the next morning and as a result, you keep on monitoring.
As usual, your mind should produce or manifest a dream relating to those issues that are worrying you; but due to the fact you regain consciousness in regular intervals, it will be hard for it to do it the normal way. The dreams it will produce will be in fragments. They will be incomplete.

Plain dream

This is just the dream of the thoughts in your mind shortly before you sleep.
It's usually just the way you thought about it. Nothing much will change. The settings, the characters and all other elements will remain the same.

Here, the mind is not very active to start producing dreams from the earlier thoughts you had days back or hours back. It just relaxes itself and makes do with the very recent fresh thoughts.
This kind of dream may also be as a result of fatigue. May be you worked so hard during the day. You will feel tired to run your mind through past earlier thoughts. You will just be comfortable with the very present thought; the thought which enhance your quickness in falling asleep.

This present thought may be the thoughts about your colleagues at your work place that very day. It may also be a wish or a plan on avoiding certain mistakes that occurred in your office; or how to go about your business tomorrow.


Reminder dream

Dream can serve as a reminder to something you have failed to remember.
The mind uses a dream from a different thought and relays a message that will be a factor in reminding you of a thought you have forgotten.
The activities of the characters in this dream will be that which will depict a little of the thought you have forgotten. They will give you a hint.

These thoughts you have forgotten could be knowledge about a situation, a skill at constructing a piece of anything, a means of achieving something and may be a plan on an action to take about something.

Dream as an alert

Apart from dream serving as a reminder, it can also issue an alert on some dangers associated with some decisions you make about your life. It does this simply by relaying to you a message.
As you have learnt, you will be given a hint from the activities that happen in your dream that a decision or a plan you have made could be dangerous or whatever. It's now left for you to have a re-think.

Away from the above and funny though, your dream can alert you on the state of the immediate environment you are sleeping in.
You may be dreaming of fire engulfing some parts of your house building; and then out fear about the dream, you wake up to see your house really on fire.
Another is that you may wake up and find out you urinated on your bed after dreaming of where you are urinating.

Dream can also detect your health condition.
This is possible in the sense you may be dreaming where you are just feeling sick and consequently taking drugs.
When you wake up, you may actually see yourself falling sick some hours later.
This is related to (RE: dream has no manipulation - bone dislocation condition) above where biology is taking its full course.

Dream as a warning

When dream serves as a reminder or an alert, it's earnestly sending you a warning about a planned action that may not be pleasant to you.

Dream predicts the future

Something you may encounter in hours or days coming can appear in your dream.
It's left for you to be ready for it. If it eventually occurs, fine. If it doesn't, fine too.
You have to be prepared about things that are likely to happen to your life.


Dream can serve as an idea or a hint in solving your problems.
Any problem that you have been worried about can be half solved through your dream.
Dream can give you insight.

Dreams can also get you clearer pictures of whatever you are struggling with.
Here, anything you are struggling with is something that may make you live a better life. It could be a struggle to get a job, pass your exams, build your business, lead your followers, fix a problem, stay healthy, and many more.
These are always in your mind and your mind can manifest dreams that can relay a message to you on how to go about anyone of them. It's possible you can have a dream where you are fixing your damaged mobile phone. This is something you couldn't do before this dream.
In times of job search and interviews, your dream can provide you with scenario where you are in the interview section with your employers. This will give you more knowledge about the upcoming interviews.

Dream makes you feel things you liked, loved and thought about.
It tends to take you back to whatever good thing you saw, tasted, heard, or felt.
Let's assume you saw a beautiful hotel building on your way to your friend's native home, and you loved the building; there is a tendency you would dream about it. Not just dreaming about the building, but also dreaming where you are inside it having a nice time - out with your friends.

Dream can persuade you, urge you or advice you to do the right thing you have been avoiding.
Using some characters and settings, dream can let you know the importance of executing or not executing whatever work you have been reluctant to do.

Now back to the first question:
Are you a young man who goes to bed and seldom has a dream in which unidentified men chase you to kill you?

Once a young man starts to be conscious of achieving success in life, he starts to be worried too.
He starts being worried about achieving it actually and avoiding anybody stopping him.
The mind is aware of this and it goes on manifesting dreams about his worries.

One of the ways of stopping him frankly is killing him. So every time, he becomes too careful in his dealings with his friends.
These friends of his are the young people like him, whom he will have to compete with as he is struggling to achieve the success.
These young people are the people he sees in his dreams. They look unidentified and sometimes look armed. They chase him to kill him.

If you are in such a situation, don't be afraid. Your mind is simply responding to your anxiety and the worries about achieving the success and becoming a man.
Mind you, this normally happens if you are too concerned about becoming what you want to become in life.
It appears this dream becomes incessant when you are so afraid of these young people you are going to compete with.

Dream is just a response of what's so much on your mind. It helps the mind to offload the numerous thoughts in it, and at same time may be warn you, show you, and refer you to a solution.

Trance is a manifestation by your mind where your mind is not patient enough to wait for you to sleep. Remember the mind has a lot of thoughts in it.

People take Trance as an important issue because Trance often enlightens and somehow informs them of the next thing that may happen to them.
The mind is powerful, isn't it?

No dream is a nightmare is a yet to be published book on everything you need to know about dreams. It points out different kinds of real dreams people have, and genuine analysis of these dreams.
Live interviews with different people of different sexes and of different ages have been conducted by the author himself, Winny Greazy; to ensure that proper analysis of the numerous types of dreams they have ever had is used to dissect and elucidate the concept of dream.
The author himself whom is also a screen writer has had a long time experience and close examination of dreams from his two years of painstaking close watch of his series of dreams.

Now, let's go back and examine the case of eating food in your dream.
Eating in your dream is as a result of some reasons;
-you went to bed hungry, and the biological processes involved in feeling the hunger sensation triggers the dream of you eating to fill yourself.
-there has been a type of food that has been on your mind.
-you have visited a place where a certain type of food is prepared.
-the food you cooked some time ago or hours before you go to bed was delicious or not.
-you were tired to cook and you went to a vendor, and yet you wished you cooked.
-there is a particular taste you had in a particular food you ate at a particular time.
Apart from the above,
-dream can serve to remind you of a type of food you have ever seen or eaten.
-you can see in a dream where the method of a particular food production is carried out; and many more. There are a lot of reasons.
There is nothing devilish about eating in a dream.

The yet to be published book; No dream is a nightmare, clearly explains the reason many things happen in a dream. You will be informed when it's ready.
The book treats with depth whatever you need to know about dreams. Some major topics include; Questions and answers about dreams, spirituality of dreams, body responses to dreams, formation of dreams, signs and codes for dreams, etc.
Meanwhile, you can ask questions in anything about dreams on the comment session.

Let's continue!
If you have sex in your dreams sometimes, it will be because of these reasons;
-you had sex with your partner and after that, the memory still lingered in your mind
-you fantasized about having a beautiful and romantic girlfriend
-you fantasized about having a very pleasurable sex with a girl
-you made a move to ask a girl out, or you actually asked her to be your girlfriend
-you discoursed about sex with your friends
-you were in lust for a girl
-you saw a sex movie
-it has been long you had sex
-your sex partner disappointed you after you waited for them
-you ate some kind of food or drug that boosts sexual activeness
-you have had sex so often
-you are having sex related problem. May be you are not sexually active, or your partner is complaining about you non performance
-you are doing a write up on sex
-you had a lecture on sex
-you were given an assignment to study the processes of sex

All these plus more others can make you dream of having sex.
But for you to dream of having sex, it will depend on how much you think about it i.e. how much deep is the thought in your mind.
Remember that sometimes, the character you may see in you dream i.e. the character you are having the sex with may change from whom you saw live.
The mind is much concerned about manifesting what's in it.

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