Script writing is all about the passion to make what you love doing, seeing and feeling come alive. It is an internal response to the external activities.

Your screenplay will teach you how to live a good life. As you write those stories, you also learn from them - Winny Greazy

Sometimes you need to think just like your audience.

What you can write is inside and around you. Just pick up your pen and start pointing them out. #writingtips

You can't just perceive things and then keep quite. You've got to say something about them. You've got to write about them - Winny Greazy

You don't just call it a ''good screenplay'' ; you call it a picture of excitement.

You must write a great dialogue if you want to make the characters you have created look real.

Related short stories make up a whole screenplay. Your daily events make up these short stories. Write a screenplay today!

You are the only one who knows what you can write. Writing is from the mind. #writeascreenplay

If there were no screenplays, nobody will go to the movies. Life will be boring.

If you know how the audience feel when they sit before a good movie; that's the feeling you should use to write your screenplay

Sometimes you need to think just like your audience #screenwritingtips

You cannot write a good piece if you are always reluctant to write. Determination and Consistency matter a lot.

Success is a 'step by step' venture. Screen writing is also a 'step by step' venture; one scene at a time - Winny Greazy

Are you looking for stories for your screenplay? Just start writing the story of your life. Stories for your screenplay will surface from it.

Everybody can write. It only takes you to write better #greatwriter

After reading your screenplay; if the reader doesn't ask any questions, then you wrote a good screenplay.

Good screenplays leave no questions un answered - Winny Greazy

A good screenplay pulses with emotions.

If you can manage to write the first scene, why not continue with the other scenes? Screen writing should be an addiction. Smoke it!

A good screenplay is always in resonance with the heartbeat of the reader.

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