Highlights are what people ask for in any event that takes place. They are moments that really engaged people's attentions.
Highlights are moments that make you remember anything about an event, whether good or bad.
They can be regarded as the most important point in an event.

Inside your screenplay, see where the highlights are located

  • Story
In the story, highlights are created when the story has a lot of entertainment and strong conflicts.
Audience love to be entertained. Their attention remains undivided when they see the entertainment accompanied by dramatic competition and conflicts. The highlight will lie in the dramas emerging from the competition. The competition is between the main character and his opponents.

  • Theme
In the theme, highlights are created when the theme sends a heart friendly message to the audience. The theme needs to teach extraordinary lessons, apart from the ones the audience have learnt. A fresher lesson will always occur to the minds of the audience.

  • Character
You will create highlights when you alter the physical, biological and psychological normalcy of your characters.
If everything in life was normal, nobody would have or remember anything to complain about. There would be no highlights.
If any of your characters is not normal, or deformed in physical nature, your audience will tend to remember him quickly whenever they hear the name of the movie.

  • Action
Great actions are the main highlights of a screenplay or movie. The intensity of the highlights will be more if each of the great actions are performed in a distinctly unique manner. Every action should not have the same pattern. The actions need to be differentiated so that they will create a clearer picture in the minds of the audience. The actions do not need to be mixed up.
Above all, the actions need to be active, continuous and mind blowing.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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