From the tail of a story to the head of the story

The reason why many people may be lazy to write a screenplay is because they take some ideas that come to them for granted. We live in an environment where every moment is a story, every sight is a scene, every activity is an action and every day is a screenplay.
All the things that happen in a day can get one a full screenplay. Every sight we behold can result to great scenes. Our minds are ever active and it records everything we see and feel. All these things we see and feel store in our minds as ideas waiting to be harnessed and channeled into meaningful ventures.

Whenever anyone has a scene in his mind, he can develop the scene into a full screenplay.
Let us consider a scene that fits the very end of a story or a screenplay.

Perhaps a scene where a lady finally and happily says "I do" to the man she had ever longed for.

Another scene; where the hero takes the last gasp of relief after shooting the villain dead.

Another scene; where a young man places a banquet of flowers on a grave, wipes off his tears, puts back his sun shade, walks to his bike and rides off.

Or another scene; where two friends, a boy and a girl looks into the paper containing their school exam results, jump up in joy and happiness, and finally kiss and hug each other passionately.

Whenever an idea about an emotional scene of an end of a story comes to your mind, it's possible you can track it back to its beginning.
To achieve this, the questions you need to ask yourself are;
"what resulted to this scene?''
''What initial scenes caused this very last scene?"
''Why is this scene so emotional?"

Once you begin to answer these questions, you will see yourself already getting a complete screenplay.

A lot of scenes and events come together to produce the very last scene.
Two friends can't just be jumping up in happiness for nothing.
A young man can't just place flowers on a grave, wipe off his tears and assume his normal happy facial expression for nothing.
Something may have caused their actions.

Last scenes are not spontaneous; they are triggered by the first scenes. Your job is to find out what triggered them.
As you do this, you will be convinced that it's possible to write from the end of a story back to the beginning of that story.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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