If you want to make things work out for you in writing, you got to start having fun with writing right now.

Screen writing is good. That's only when you write the right thing - Winny Greazy

Writing will always command you; just be ready to obey it

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You can only write a good piece if and only if you can give yourself in to writing.

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You don't just write; you build too. Screenplay has some building blocks; use them.

A well written scene heading (slug line) can go a long way in giving your audience a clearer picture of the actions in that scene

Script writing is all about the passion to make what you love doing, seeing and feeling come alive. It is an internal response to the external activities.

Writers do write to teach, entertain, address issues and correct impressions.

You can't just perceive things and then keep quite. You've got to say something about them. You've got to write about them - Winny Greazy

Song writers, Script writers, Novelists, Journalists, OAPs, Motivational speakers, Film makers. You guys make the world rock!

Any time is a good time to write.
Any where is a good place to write.
Anyone can write a good piece.

A good screenplay has an impact. It hits the soul of the reader - Winny Greazy

In a screenplay, two people are involved in an argument; the Hero and the Villain. They argue over a subject; the theme.

Speak to your characters. Let them speak to you too. A screenplay should be lively and interactive.

A good screenplay is not just written. It is painted in 3D - Winny Greazy

Write your screenplay as if you were every one of the characters therein. #howtowriteascreenplay

You must write a great dialogue if you want your screenplay to be in the lips of everyone.

A good screenplay filters all the emotions in you

A script reader reads a good screenplay with his mind and not with his eyes. A good screenplay speaks directly to the mind

A writer is your guide; follow him! - Winny Greazy

If people can watch and understand a movie without its sound, then the writer of the screenplay did a great job - Winny Greazy

A lot of scenes and events come together to produce the very last scene.

Last scenes are not spontaneous; they are triggered by the first scenes - Winny Greazy

We live in an environment where every moment is a story, every sight is a scene, every activity is an action and every day is a screenplay.

A character in a screenplay is a replica of a real human. It must do just like the human.

A great dialogue is the voice of your story. It says what a story is. It gives the story its existence, timing, location and action.

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There is nothing to watch in a movie if the story is all about comfort, and irresponsibility on the part of the main character.

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Winny Greazy is one of the best Nollywood screen writers. Mail him on scriptsuponscripts@gmail.com - How to get a good Nollywood script

A movie is all about the repeated emergence of problems against the hero and his repeated fights against those problems.

For a writer to write a good screenplay, he must first of all design series of conflicts.

You must write a great dialogue if you want to make the characters you have created look real.

A great dialogue is the heartbeat of a screenplay. It makes your screenplay sound.

A great dialogue is the means by which a screenplay or a movie speaks to the ears and minds of the audience.

Compiled by Winny Greazy.
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