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The story centres round a group of characters intertwined yet independent in their own right. ADAM is a hard working lawyer that had struggled to make himself one of the best lawyers in the state. He is very famous for his ability to win court cases. ORA is a lady from a wealthy background but has an inclination to participate in the tradition of old as a profession. LOTACHI is a naïve humble girl that managed to capture the heart of ADAM. Their lives intertwine in an unpredictable drama. 

LOTACHI is a young girl that has no knowledge of her mother's origin. She is the child to a wealthy politician who bore her out of wedlock and casted her aside lest the knowledge of her existence taints his career. She lived with a nanny her father had hired to nurture her into adulthood. Although casted aside, she lacked nothing. She fell in love with one of the best lawyers and they moved in together after her nanny left to her home town to take care of her sick son. 

ORA is the closest friend to ADAM, they often get into quarrels because he disapproves of her choice of profession. She was infamous for her unprecedented skills and was the most expensive one around. She has very strict policies to running her business and the slightest mistep caused her to terminate whatever transaction she had with a client. She is curt and doesn't believe in ever going to "God's heaven". She however has a soft spot for ADAM and LOTACHI. 

VWEDE is a married man that is facing issues retaining custody over his son. His wife hires ADAM to help them win the case and keep their son. Although at an expensive cost, they are able to achieve this but their marriage isnt quite saved yet as his wife notices that he had been unfaithful to her. 

RUKA is the wife to VWEDE'S gateman SEGUN. She travels all the way from her village in Ogun state to Lagos with her son. Her husband had been away for too long and she felt he must have made enough millions for herself and her son. She was disappointed to find he was just a gateman and she gave him hell for it. Folks in the area seemed to like her little son for he was was a beautiful baby. They often gave him gifts; monetary and otherwise and RUKA converted this into an avenue of making quick and easy money. She is of rural orientation and slightly razz in her behaviour. She encountered Lotachi once and decided upon giving her friendly advise. 

ADAM is crazy about LOTACHI, he loves and pampers her and listens to whatever she says. He is always serious minded but LOTACHI brings smiles to his face with her childish behaviour, innocence and smart thinking. 

The crisis occurs when ADAM tries to get ORA to stop what she does, he was her personal lawyer and was tired of having to keep doing the dirty business for her. She would not listen to him and stop and so they quarreled often and avoided each other as well. Soon, LOTACHI's nanny dies and she becomes saddened by this, shutting herself off from people, her nanny was the only family she knew apart from a father that didn't want her. Her nanny also happened to be DANIEL's aunt. Another conflict arose as VWEDE makes fun of her demise after the burial rites were performed. DANIEL is pissed at VWEDE and doesn't want to continue with their friendship. VWEDE's wife contemplates divorce. 

This film is about 47 pages long. It has 10 movements and 19 scenes. It is formatted with courier font style and with the characters stated just before the scenes, page numbering was applied and font size of (14) was used.
Four houses, one for ADAM and LOTACHI, onev for ORA, one for VWEDE and one in the village.
A club house
A crowd of like 30 persons
One church setting
Three to four cars would be needed 

ORA: A young beautiful woman that has no interest in wearing shabby clothes, has a knack for kinkiness, very sarcastic and straight to the point. She is the only child of her parents, her father is late and her mum is abroad. ....... 

ADAM: He is a hardworking lawyer. He is muscular, tall and handsome. He is rich and famous and loves lotachi........... 

LOTACHI: She is n only child whose mother died at birth. She is religious very fond of her nanny who she calls "Nana". She is playful anf has a child-like glee to her. She is overly polite and doesn't like getting angry. She hardly makes up and is always simply dressed. 

VWEDE: He is promiscuous, he just got back custody of his child but still engages in adulterous sexual activities. He believes he is only going to live once and should make the best out of it. He often frequents club houses with his friends DANIEL and 

RUKA: She is a village girl that went to the city to meet her husband, hoping after many years of his departure to Lagos, he would have become a multimillionaire. Her English is unpolished and she carries her son everywhere she goes. He was her source of income. She is rowdy and almost always constitutes a nuisance wherever she goes. 


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