An Original Feature Film
Written By
Chijioke Ononiwu
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GENRE: Romantic Comedy

SETTING: A Nigerian City


LOGLINE: A married woman shows her friends a system of avoiding being intimate with their husbands, known as the Bedroom Points. When an attractive woman from her husband’s past shows up, her marriage starts to devolve. The woman must then choose between the bedroom points and her husband, or risk losing everything to the only real threat she has ever faced.

CHIKE, a handsome, young man, discusses business in his living room with his partners – Maro, who ogles every woman he sees, and SANI, a serious-minded man.

At the dining table, DERA, Chike’s wife, tells TOJU (Maro’s wife) and BIOLA (Sani’s wife) that she can make Chike do anything she wants. She illustrates this by making Chike fetch water in a glass from a dispenser which is beside her. Toju and Biola ask her to show them how she did it. She tells them about the bedroom points where Chike has to attain 1000 points before he can sleep with her. To get to the 1000, he would have to do work around the house. Each task he performs gives him points which she adds up on a notepad. If he fails to reach 1000, then it would not happen. The friends call her a genius.

The next day, Maro and Sani complain that their wives have implemented the bedroom points system. Maro especially starts going crazy from lack of quality time with his wife. Chike tries to call Dera to order but all she does is subtract bedroom points. From then on, he stops sleeping in the room, and opts for the sofa.
Chike takes Dera to a suya spot where they meet ZARA, a beautiful, long lost friend of his. He gives her his card but Dera does not like her. A few days later, Dera notices that Chike is always talking about Zara. Dera decides to pay him a visit in the office.
Dera meets Zara there. Sani tells Dera that Chike employed Zara. Dera becomes jealous and goes home. That night, Chike does not return until 1 a.m. He tells her that they won a contract from the state government and Zara took them out to the club.

The next morning, Dera tries to be intimate with Chike but he refuses, stating that he has already become used to the bedroom points and he would have to earn the privilege to be with her. Later, Dera asks him if he was annoyed with her. Chike tells her to scrap the bedroom points for good. She refuses, reminding him that she started the bedroom points because she did not want her marriage to devolve like her parents’ did.
Dera goes to the suya spot on her own. There, Biola calls and says she saw a thread on the internet about Zara being a maneater and husband stealer. Meanwhile, Zara goes to the house. There, it is revealed that Chike hired her to make Dera so jealous that she would scrap the bedroom points. However, Zara admits to Chike that she is in love with him. She tries to make him kiss her. He avoids her, trips, falls and is knocked out.
Dera races home to find Zara straddling Chike. She explodes in anger as Chike wakes up to find Zara, who was trying to resuscitate him, on top of him. Zara and Chike finally calm Dera down enough to tell her the truth of what happened and why Chike did it. Dera sends Zara out of their house and gives Chike twenty million points, which is good enough for the next fifty-four years.

The script is about 84 pages with 76 scenes divided into 3 acts and written with Final Draft.

A nice looking apartment with a living room, kitchen and bedroom.

A single executive office with a desktop.

A suya spot.

A laptop for the female lead.

Two cars for each lead character.

Chike: Baby-faced, in his early 30s, fit and easy to get along with. Controlled by his wife. Dresses very well and it shows that he is well-to-do.
Dera: 29, pretty but always has a serious expression. Usually with her laptop.
Zara: 27, young, a foxy bombshell. Wears tight clothes to accentuate her curves. Has a seductive tone to her voice.

Maro, Sani, Toju, Bimbo and Mallam.


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