This Story is focused on Blessing also known as Anita. Anita is a young beautiful and brilliant girl, from a decent happy family and the only child of her parents. At the age of twelve, Anita’s dream is to have her own hospital and to be the first medical doctor in Africa to find the cure for HIV. But nature itself has its own plans for her.Nature’s plan is for Anita to journey through the circle of life.
Anita’s parents got separated when she was 12. She moved in with Damiete (her mum) but later ran out of Damiete’s house because of Jim (Damiete’s boyfriend). With the tears and pains in her, she ran to Daniel’s (her dad) house hoping to have comfort and security there, but to her greatest surprise, she met Tracy (Damiete’s best friend) living with her Dad and she swore never to stay under the same roof with the woman that betrayed her mum.She has to move in with her grandma (Daniel’s mum). At the age of 18, grandma died after hearing of Anita’s past (the things she passed through in Damiete’s house while she was just 12). Daniel took Anita to his house, but she had already sworn not to stay in the same house with Tracy. Tracy is three months pregnant and has already had a baby boy for Daniel (Junior) who is five years old. Daniel has to make a choice between living with his beloved teenage daughter and his pregnant girlfriend.Anita’s life turns into an unexpected adventure within a circle, in the course of this journey, nature forcefully sacrifices lots of things in Anita’s life. This life adventure becomes too hard and tedious for Anita alone and fate intersects her to Becky who is 19 years old and Ann (Becky’s Grandma). Becky and her grandma love Anita like their own blood and Becky is ready to do anything to make Anita happy.Sometimes Ann wondered if it is just a co-incidence they met Anita or there something deep attached to it, because the bond between the teenagers is so strong that no one can put them apart. Something later happened, through Becky, Anita got herself involved with Don Xavier and his boys.
Josh, Anita’s childhood friend who is a staff of NDLEA also comes into play.In the search of Don Xavier and his boys, he was shocked when he find out that his first love (Anita) is also involved in drugs business with Xavier. What will Josh do? Will he put his childhood friend whom he has spent years looking for behind bars with Xavier? But Preye, Josh’s elder sister warned Josh to stay away from Anita and focus on his job.She believed that Anita and Josh are at the opposite sides of life. Josh refuses because he has left her once when he was a child and he has sworn not to leave her again now that he has found her. Even as Josh has sworn not to leave Anita, but nature isinevitable and so powerful that Josh was forcefully separated from Anita in other for her to live. On the verge of his leaving, he handover Anita to Alex and made Alex to promise him to take good care of her and he did.
In the course of this unexpected adventure in Anita’s life, she was victimized several times, she felt pains, she saw sorrow, she shed deep tears from her tender age to her teenage age and then to youthful stage.She woke up one day and decided not to be a victim anymore; instead to be the one hurting people by separating happy homes and by making people cry.She decided to start the pay back by visiting Jane. Jane is Daniel’sex-Lover before she travelled out of country.But when she came back, Damiete started having problems with Daniel because of the constant information Tracy keeps giving Damiete whenever she sees Dan and Jane in hotels and this led to the breakup of Damiete and Daniel. Anita decided to revenge by involving herself with Donald (Jane’s husband) but in the course of this dreadful revenge, Jane and Anita find out something between them which is more than what she went for.
The act of revenge turned into something totally different. Could this be the plan of nature?
THE CIRCLE (It’s all coming back) is a story that revolves round Anita. It is a story of betrayal, hatred, revenge, deceit, suspense, intrigues, tensions, thrills, love etc. It is a family movie; it has moral lessons for all homes.It is not restricted to some sets of people, but it is a movie for all.



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