Two things make a movie a "war movie". They are:

(A) War of Words
(B) War of Actions

In any Genre at all; be it Science Fiction, Animated, Family, Historical, Period, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Epic or Drama; there can be a war. War is established in every genre either in the 'words' from the dialogues, or in the 'actions' perfomed by the acts.
So when watching a typical war movie, you will find out some features that are peculiar to it. Any mode by which the war is installed, it must be seen either in the words from the dialogues, or in the actions performed by the characters. The writer of a war movie knows about all these features, so he makes sure he doesn't mis-represent this while writing.
Now let's check out the features.


(i) The dialogue is carefully written making sure it always centers on the conflict. The characters are concerned and worried about the conflict, and this makes them talk about it very often. The conflict is between the Villain and the Hero. The Villain and his people are plotting against the Hero and his people, and vice versa; and whenever the two parties meet each other, the dialogues that ensue are always bitter and very contentious.

(ii) Lots of figurative speeches are made in the dialogues, and the tone of the dialogues are usually unfriendly, fierce and most times scary

(iii) The words are filled with threats, abuses, comparisons, insults, and serious warnings

(iv) The sentences usually command actions and are usually very autocratic

(v) The sentences are also usually very active and not passive. The verbs are often transitive and not intransitive


(i) The actions here are not just the normal actions, but are actions that have a lot of impact on the characters. The impact are often very physical on the characters involved.
The actions that cause the impact are born out of revenge, vexation, quest to conquer, hunger, anger, oppression, bully, and punishment.
The actions are carried out by either intense body movements or weapons like guns, swords, knives and the rest.

(ii) The Scenes are tense, tough, challenging, full of suspense, dark, grey, full of hostilities; and the atmosphere is taut, well stretched by the fear of the unknown

(iii) The settings are stained with blood, dampened with sweat, soaked with tears, and sometimes flooded with victims and casualties

(iv) The plot begins with war, continues with war, and ends with a near war.
In the initial stage, the plot doesn't spend time hinting on what caused or what would cause the war. It usually let's a war cause more wars, and intermidiately, the cause of the war is let out.

(v) The story tells us thus, "When writing a war movie, do not waste time to tell what caused the war before the war starts. Instead, begin with wars. And let the wars cause more wars"
So, If you are a writer and you truly want it to be a war movie, then let it be a war movie; Let a war cause more wars!

Written by Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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