Terms and conditions

  • Be it known to you that we at  SCRIPTS 'N' PAPERS / NET-CONTENT have an enviable integrity which we always work hard to protect. And to this end, we dare not copy writers'/artists' work, we do not steal their ideas, we do not indulge in any act of plagiarism and we do not charge any fees for trading on our platform. 

  • Our goal is to be recognized worldwide as a media company that protects writers and artists, and at same time fortify them to pitch their work with Film-makers, Producers, Publishers and buyers. 

  • Our business is to promote every writer's/artist's work with only the brief detailed information about the work provided to us by the owner. 

  • After you send in all the information, we then, comb for Film-makers, Producers, Publishers and buyers who may need the work at that point in time. 

  • When a deal is about to be made the prospective Producer, Film-Maker, Publisher or Buyer will either contact you or us. If us, we will do the trade on your behalf. If you, just go ahead and do the trade; but you are free to contact us if need be.

  • SCRIPTS 'N' PAPERS / NET-CONTENT also render many other professional services. See them HERE


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