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Selling your movie scripts is easier than writing them provided you wrote them very well. Good Scripts are rare commodities, and Movie Producers are looking for them.
Once you are ready to sell your script, all you need to do is to present the script to the producers in a simplified form. The simplified form means you need to do a brief re-write of your script.
Out there in the script market, there are writers who are as good as you are, and they have also written good scripts just like you have done. Producers need all these good scripts, but you need an edge over the other writers. You need the producer to choose yours first. So you have to take an extra step to keep your script simple and acceptable.
In order to achieve this, you need to do a re-write. Just take these steps below:

1. Review the script
Make a brief review of the script. Tell the producer what the script looks like. Write out the properties. Make a review, or a list of;
(i)the number of pages,
(ii)the possible number of scenes
(iii)the various timings
(iv)the setting
(v)the locations
(vi)the props required
(vii)the gadgets and tools required for the actions
See example of an already reviewed script here

2. Write a screenplay treatment
This involves presenting an attractive Log-line and a comprehensible Synopsis; and an expansion of the synopsis into the three act structure. The three act structure has a model:
ACT 1; THE SET UP - the situation, the characters and conflict are introduced
ACT 2: THE CONFLICT - the conflict begins and expands until it reaches a crises
ACT 3: THE RESOLUTION - the crises is resolved

You write a Logline to present the hook in the story, to stimulate interest of the script reader/audience, and to give insight on the synopsis. Read more on Loglines here

For the synopsis, you need to tell the producer what the content of the script is about. Tell him what to expect when he reads the script.
A synopsis is simply a sketchy  summary of the story in the screenplay.
Read how to write a good movie synopsis here

And for the expansion to get a good screenplay treatment, you have to observe the three act structure and give a detailed and comprehensible highlights of the events in each of the ACTS,
Do not make it to be too long. just keep it summarized.

3. Do a brief casting
(i)Write on the characters. Describe their physical and internal features and behaviours.
(ii)State the conditions for the actors that will play the roles

4. Hint about an installment
Inform the producer that a follow up to your script is available incase of a franchise.

5. Promise to render after sale services. 
Promise the producer to render directing or any other crew services if need be.

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge 

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