Number one
Create a distinct information in every sentence:

Sentence by sentence, that's how a reader reads a written piece. Once he reads the first sentence and loves it, he would love to read the next sentence, and then the next one; and the sequence continues repeatedly until he gets to the very last sentence. After the last sentence, he may even wish there were more sentences to read; and this is possible if and only if you embed a fresh thrilling idea that carries an enticing information in each of your sentences as you write!
A sentence is part of other sentences that make up a whole written piece. The message the piece sends to the reader is the integration of the seperate information encoded in each of the sentences in that piece.
For a writer to hold down a reader to read his written piece, he must write every sentence with great creativity and attention.
There are types of sentences; simple, compound, complex, and so on. In your writing, you can use any of the types; but make sure each sentence has a definite point that gives your reader a great delight. Read more below...
Number two 
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