An advert must represent the aim of the brand it advertizes.

If your brand is promoting the 'ease' and 'quickness' of payment of bills, or recharge of subscriptions; then your advert must support that. No part of your advert should disqualify the aim of your brand.

At Quickteller, the advert at a point mis-interpreted the aim of the Quickteller brand.
Wasn't that payment quick enough that made that 'guy' finish up the whole 'suya' only himself?
That part of the advert wasn't necessary as the guy ate up the whole suya, thus indicating the Quickteller payment wasn't quick enough.
The writer should have made it in such a way the guy tried to pick up the whole 'suya' but couldn't.

...just saying my mind anyway.

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Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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