Producers of the upcoming movie"Scorned,"have released official trailer for the rape-revenge movie. 

"Scorned" is story of a rape victim who took her time to plan her revenge against a rapist who completely forgot about the damage he had done to an innocent young girl. It showcases the psychological damage she went through, and the effects the rape had on her even as an adult. 
The movie also focuses on how silence out of fear or shame can sometimes make or break an individual. 

Scorned" stars Chelsea Eze as a rape victim who embarks on a revenge mission against a rapist. 

Produced by Christiana Martin and Tokunbo Ahmed, the movie is written by Obi Martins, and directed by Tokunbo Ahmed and Oluseyi Asurf.
The movie also stars Christiana Martin, Okey Uzoeshi, Chugul, Funnybone, among others. 



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