Dear writer, screenwriter, scriptwriter, copywriter, content writer, playwriter, author, these are the best ways to get your work published or produced, and then make money.
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1. Create your own forum.
Do not go about wasting your write ups on social media. Some think it's the best way to attract publishers and producers, no it's not! It's a social media, and all these publishers and producers will do is to read your update, click the 'like' button and then go away. They will believe it's one of those regular social network updates.
But when you have a forum or media platform, all you will now have to do is just to invite readers including the producers and publishers. They will read your updates and they will see the uniqueness of your write ups. And then this will make them develop love for your work.

2. Register with various referral and affiliate programmes.
This will help you sign up with your forum identity or domain name and then get referral and affiliate links you can embed right inside your write-ups; which you'll promote on various social media platforms. This can enhance your copywriting ability. You will also make money from it and at same time, it will motivate you to keep writing.

3. Start looking for people's work to edit and proofread.  
Don't be lazy. Just do it. Put up free services to help fellow Junior writers put their work inorder. As you are doing this, you are developing a 'network' of writers with a common goal.
Producers and publishers love getting every resources they need from a functional 'network'"of tenacious writers.



Written by: Winston Oge 'Winny Greazy'
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