Perhaps some of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the Wonderful World of Disney are the Disney Princesses. From vintage princess like Cinderella, to 21st century ladies like Elsa and Anna, the Disney Princess have been slaying the game for nearly a century. Here are 35 things you never knew about the Disney Princesses.
1. In Frozen Elsa’s palace changes colors depending on her mood.
It’s like one giant mood ring

2. Anna is the only Disney Princess to have a duet with a villain. 
This is what made Hans so creepy. At least Gaston had the decency not to try and include Belle in his diabolical plots.
3. However, Princess Jasmine is the only Princess to kiss a villain. 
Poor Jasmine, she shouldn’t have had to go through this.
4. Cinderella was Walt Disney‘s favorite. 
It was something about the princess with the glass slipper that he just adored. 
5. But literately, Disney was obsessed with Cinderella. His all-time favorite piece of animation was her dress transformation. 
It is rather magical.
6. Speaking of Cinders, her shoe size was a teeny 4 1/2.



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