5 reasons Nollywood movies don’t stay long in cinemas

1. Promotion Techniques These days, a lot is required on a filmmaker’s part to ensure how long his or her movie stays in the cinema. Gone are the days of just shooting, tweeting behind the scenes photos, and releasing a movie in the cinemas without proper promotion. Biyi Bandele’s “Fifty” completed a remarkable 4-month cinema run in Nigeria. Omoni Oboli’s “Wives on Strike” is currently in its 5th week, but has grossed over 50 million naira, and that is a perfect example of successful Nollywood movies. Mildred Okwo and the "Suru Lére" cast also put in a lot of hard work into making sure cinema goers in Lagos saw their movie. Omoni Oboli and the co-cast of her latest movie have visited over seven states and cinemas to interact with fans and publicize the movie. Oboli and her gang found a way to get both Nollywood fans and anti-Nollywood clique interested and tweeting about the movie. Probably most Nollywood practitioners should learn one or two things about promoting their movies outside Lagos Nigeria. Most of hardcore Nollywood fans reside outside Lagos, and also need to be informed about the movie. While "Wives on Strike" has the perfect cast every true Nollywood fan can relate with, Omoni took her promotion game from 0-100, and it's paying off. Considering the opinion of most Nigerians about Nollywood, it would take a lot of extra hard work... Read more below and publicity to get people talking and going to the cinema to see your movie. It’s ok to send BCs and visit all the media houses in Lagos... http://pulse.ng/movies/motion-pictures-with-chidumga-5-reasons-nollywood-movies-don-t-stay-long-in-cinemas-id5029463.html
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