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Someone said this, ''When I watch a Hollywood movie and see someone cry, it gets me emotional, when I see same in a Nollywood flick I laugh hysterically. I don't seem to get it, I hope I will......someday. #nollywoodnawa''

Someone wrote this, ''I hate Nollywood movies. They look fake. You can easily predict the end ''

Someone said this, ''Nollywood producers are not experienced at all. How can Olu Jacobs having a flash back of 1981 and you see on a bill board along the road ''vote for Ambode for 2015 Lagos governorship'', is that disgraceful? ''

And someone said this again, ''Nollywood can never produce a good action movie, producers and actors can't just handle that #nawafornollywood''

Well, whatever they say or write, I think they are right. But we the movie producers need to prove them wrong. We need to get things right and help our audience say better things about our movies.

Here are tips for Nollywood stake holders to get our Nollywood movies right

  • We need to have our audience in mind more than our pockets.
When your aim of making your movie is to enrich your pocket, then you may lose focus on the most crucial aim of a movie which is to enrich the minds of the audience. Our audience is the reason for our movies, and when you make your movie for your audience, your audience will make the money for your
pocket. Audience first! Satisfy your audience first and see them sing the name of your movie
like a song. You'll also see them order for the copies as if they were on a shopping spree. The direct consumers of your movies are your audience and not your pockets. The consumption by the audience will put the money in your pockets.
Audiences are always right, and whatever destructive criticisms they make about your movie, they are right. It's true you can never satisfy everybody, but then you can block all chances of destructive criticisms by producing a movie born out of 'brainstorm'.

  • We always need to be inspired.
Be inspired to make a movie. Let the desire to make a movie come truly and purposefully from deep down, within your mind. Loosen your spirit to get inspired, and tighten the inspiration to get a story line that can allow you make a movie full of inspiring messages. Inspiration comes when we are determined to inspire people. It comes when we allow our minds to embrace wholly whatever daily outcomes we encounter in our daily living. Every moment or every event is an inspiration. But we must tune our minds into those moments; and we must inform our minds the need to inspire other people through the stories we may tell from the inspirations we may get. We must be passionate with the live events that relate to our proposed
movie themes. When you want to make a movie with a theme which centers on 'politics', then you must be passionate with the political situation of the economy.
Inspiration is the key to locking up leaky movies with leaky themes. Inspirations mend movies and the hearts that watch the movies. We have to get inspired in order to inspire our audience.

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  • We need to spend reasonable time in our productions.
We should not make a whole feature film in just 3 days. Good and wonderful things take time to be created. We need to start spending some reasonable and creative time on our movie productions. Movie production is not a 'fast food'. Once you produce your movie like a 'fast food', your audience will digest it like a fast food. Fast foods don't have weight. They don't last. A movie that lasts in the minds of the audience is a movie that took enough creative time to be produced.

  • We need to be open.
Yes we need to be open. We need to welcome talents that can help out in the production. Movie Production is very collaborative, and for you to succeed in this collaboration, you must keep and open mind. Do not do everything yourself. You must not be the story developer, the scriptwriter, the editor, the director and the producer at same time.

  • We need to have a plan.
No haphazard job! Movie making has steps and processes that lead to it. You should not jump any, lest you end up wasting your hard earned resources. You  need to plan and follow the processes.

See some of the processes involved:

  1. Awareness of the prevalent theme: Just take note of the trending situation at present and decide on the type of movie you would want to make.
  2. Idea furnishing: Get exposed on the situation and get your ideas furnished
  3. Story development: Begin to concentrate the ideas to form a story.
  4. Write the story: Develop the screenplay
  5. Re-write the screenplay: Re-write the screenplay and make it ready for shooting and production
  6. Do the casting: Point out the number of characters that are needed
  7. Do the budgeting: Point out the cost by identifying the elements and objects needed to shoot the movie
  8. Get sponsors and co producers of need be: Look for persons, media and companies who are willing to partner with you.
  9. Get certifications: Do the necessary registrations and clearances.
  10. Reach out to agents and managers who are stake holders in the movie industry
  11. Contact and negotiate with the actors and actresses: Reach out to their agents and managers.
  12. Scout the locations: Get permissions from the appropriate authorities for locations to be used for the shooting
  13. Keep the locations in order: Design the settings
  14. Schedule the shooting: Manage the timings and dates for the movie shooting
  15. Have a briefing with the crew members: Assemble the collaborators and decide how and when to commence.
  16. Commence the shooting.
  17. The editing should take over after shooting: Production managers should handle things
  18. Proper productions should set in
  19. The media involved should start work to publicize the movie
  20. Organize movie premiers and let the world see your movie

NOTE: The above points are for the separate key players in the Nollywood Movie Making industry - The writer, the re-writer, the casting person, the production manager, the location manager, the director, the editor, the media, the sponsor, the executive producer and the producer.

I'm not encouraging that one person should handle all these himself. I still insist there should be collaboration in moving making. The producer should welcome collaborators.

  • We need to be prepared.
Yes be prepared! You can't just wake up one morning and start calling and negotiating with actors and actresses on a movie you want them to be part of. Have you already put the necessary things on ground? Do you have the wherewithal? Are you ready to take the risk? Movie production is a very massive project. You need to be prepared to venture into it.

  • We need not be cheap.
Quality things are not cheap. You need to buy the best scripts, get the best collaborators, get the best actors and actresses, get the best production managers; and then see your movie becoming one of the best. This above doesn't mean you should spend all your resources on getting the best. There young, budding talented script writers, actors and production managers around. Look for them and get them involved. They will give you the best, and it won't cost you much.

We shall get our movies right, I insist!

Written by:
Winston Oge (Winny Greazy)

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