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Are you a new Nollywood producer?

Read some of the processes involved in Nollywood Movie Making

(1)Awareness of the prevalent theme: Just take note of the trending situation at present and decide on the type of movie you would want to make.

(2)Idea furnishing: Get exposed on the situation and get your ideas furnished

(3)Story development: Begin to concentrate the ideas to form a story.

(4)Write the story: Develop the screenplay

(5)Re-write the screenplay: Re-write the screenplay and make it ready
for shooting and production

(6)Do the casting: Point out the number of characters that are needed

(7)Do the budgeting: Point out the cost by identifying the elements
and objects needed to shoot the movie

(8)Get sponsors and co producers if need be: Look for persons, media and companies who are willing to partner with you.

(9)Get certifications: Do the necessary registrations and clearances.

(10)Reach out to agents and managers who are stake holders in the movie industry

(11)Contact and negotiate with the actors and actresses: Reach out to their agents and managers.

(12)Scout the locations: Get permissions from the appropriate authorities for locations to be used for the shooting

(13)Keep the locations in order: Design the settings

(14)Schedule the shooting: Manage the timing and dates for the movie shooting

(15)Have a briefing with the crew members: Assemble the collaborators and decide how and when to commence.

(16)Commence the shooting.

(17)The editing should take over after shooting: Production managers should handle things

(18)Proper productions should set in

(19)The media involved should start work to publicize the movie

(20)Organize movie premiers and let the world see your movie

NOTE: The above points are for the separate key players in the Nollywood Movie Making industry - The writer, the re-writer, the casting person, the production manager, the location manager, the director, the editor, the media, the sponsor, the executive producer and the producer.
I'm not encouraging that one person should handle all these himself. I still insist there should be collaboration in moving making. The producer should welcome collaborators.

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Written by:
Winston Oge (Winny Greazy)
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