If you want to answer the question above, then in your screenplay, you must create all these below:

(1) set up a competition
(2) create the two contenders in the competition
(3) set up the bone of contention
(4) create the tactics each of the contenders is using to outwit the other
(5) create the supporters of each of the contenders
(6) create the difficulties each of the contenders is having in trying to win the competition
(7) create the consequences for any of them not winning the competition
(8) create the gains of any of them winning the competition
(9) create a comparison between the strengths of each of them

Once you create all of the above, the audience will no longer be searching for the answer as the answer will be very glaring towards the end. This means there is an ample need for a great conflict in your screenplay.

The beauty of a movie is in the greatness of the conflict therein.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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