Apart from all other techniques, two things can make your screenplay
extremely thrilling and hypnotic. They are: The mysteriousness of the story, and The conflict between the Protagonist and the Antagonist

(1) The mysteriousness of the story

Let your stories be mysterious. Let the messages in your stories base on the wonders of life and the things that prove elusive to humans. The mysterious themes in your story can fall in to some of the concepts below:

The spirit world, Dream, Life after life, Eternity, Fate, Destiny, Existence of God, Masturbation, Homosexuality, Divorce, Sin, Crime, Life endeavors, Relationships, Success, Tomorrow, Weight loss and gain, Health, Enmity, The unknown, and so on.
All the concepts above are often the daily worries of humans. Humans tend to wonder their validity in life. Humans wonder why they are the order of life.

(2) The conflict between the Protagonist and the Antagonist

Let there be conflict. What's the essence of a story without at least a slightest face-off between two characters? Conflict is what makes up the heart of the story. Without conflict, the story has no bearing. The deeper the conflict in your story, the deeper the attention of the audience. Conflict in the story is the thriller in the audience. The thrills of every movie is already embedded in the minds of the audiences, you only need a great conflict in your story to activate them. The conflict in your story is the only thing your audience has to talk about the story. A story without a conflict is a dead story.

Have you wondered why millions of viewers love to see the Sony Max's "A thousand ways to die"? It's because the story lines about how deaths occur in humans are very mysterious. Again, wonder why many love to see some action movies like "Fast and furious"? It's because the conflict there in is tremendous.

Incredible Mystery and great Conflict make a Screenplay charming and enticing.

Written by: Winston Oge "Winny Greazy"

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