Don't let your audience easily predict the ending of your screenplay.
Don't give them a chance to start suggesting the ending of your story after seeing or reading the first scenes of the movie or screenplay respectively. Write your screenplay in a 'coded' manner, and carefully keep your ending away from your readers' mind until they finally get to it.

Below is what you can do to make the ending of your movie a secret.

(1)Create a beginning full of suspense.
Suspense will always keep the audience in an anxious mood. Before they can realize what's happening in the movie after getting over the anxiety from the suspense in the beginning, the movie would have gotten closer to its ending.

(2)Include creative subplots.
Subplot is like a branch off the main plot. The branch creates a little obstruction in the main plot. This results in a little constructive distraction in the minds of the audience; and hence consequently, an uneasy task to predict the ending.

(3)Create characters of diverse characteristics and qualities
When something has diverse qualities and characteristics, it will be hard for one to predict the next quality it will exhibit in its next action. It applies to the characters in a movie. In a particular action, they show a particular trait; in another action, another trait. This makes their way of living unpredictable. Since they actually drive the story in the movie, it will be a bit hard for the ending of the story to be predicted.

(4)Create a seeming unending suspense.
Make your suspense great and continuous. This will increase their attention, and will numb their ability to start thinking about the ending.

(5)Embed other mini themes apart from the main theme.
Themes are same as 'the message' of the story line. When you creatively deviate a bit from the main message, the audience will be a little bit distracted from perching their minds on the ending

(6)Use subplots.
Subplots are simply constructive ways of putting up dialogues that do not 'say' directly what a character is doing or about to do; rather, it 'shows' it. Subplots can help reduce the risks of making your audience start thinking about the ending.

Reasons why you should make the ending of your movie a secret to your audience

(1)Predictable endings make the whole movie uninteresting
(2)Predictable endings make the writer a cheap writer
(3)Predictable endings make the writer an amateur
(4)Predictable endings reduces the quality of the screenplay
(5)Predictable endings make the screenplay sell cheap

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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