A Movie Synopsis is simply a sketchy summary of the movie story line. It's the highlight of all the actions in the movie. It shows the most thrilling points in the movie. The aim of a movie synopsis is to get the audience's attention and make them long for the movie.

Below are tips on how to write a great movie synopsis.

(1)Begin with the main conflict.
Begin with the reason for the movie. The main conflict in the movie is the reason why it's a movie. Every movie has the Protagonist and the Antagonist. The competition between these two yields the main conflict. The first thing a reader of a synopsis wants to see is the contention between the protagonist and the antagonist.

(2)Mention the causes of the conflict. 
The next thing a reader wants to see is the reason for the conflict. ''Why is there this conflict?'', the reader would ask.

(3)Describe the key characters. 
The key characters will include the protagonist or the main character, the supporting character, the antagonist, and the dearest character to the main character. Make a little descriptions on them.

(4)Continue with the internal conflicts of the key characters. 
This includes the challenges the characters are having in winning the competition

(5)List the consequencies of either the protagonist or the antagonist not winning the competition

(6)Mention the most thrilling moment in the story. 
This will keep the attention of the reader.

(7)Do not expose the results of the competition, or the ending of the story. 
This is to keep the suspense alive.

Note: Remember a synopsis is meant to be a summary. So you need to make your descriptions and expositions brief.

Written by Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge
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