(1) Think about ''a partner that can make you stand out''
A partner whose physical appearance or internal behavior makes you stand out in the society is the best partner for you.
It's not easy to stand out from your mates, your rivals, your competitors, your enemies; it's not easy.
Once you are able to always stand out amongst your mates and rivals, they will always respect you as a great man. Apart from the respect, you will always have an internal confidence that will empower you to succeed more and more in every business of life.
The more you have the power to succeed, the more you love your partner whose outstanding appearance and behavior gave you that power. And the more you love this partner of yours, the more your married life gets lovely.
Think about a partner who can make you stand out. Examine and then find out that thing you need to stand out from your equals and rivals; and then look for a partner that has it. When you get a partner that has it, I doubt you would let that partner go.

(2) Think about ''a partner you can tolerate his/her ugly side''
Every individual has two sides, the good and the ugly sides.
The ugly side of an individual is that part of their behavior or appearance that does not please the people around them.
If you can tolerate the ugly side of your partner, then he or she is your perfect partner.
The major reason why marriages fail today is the inability of anyone to tolerate the flaws of their partners.
The lack of understanding that every individual has flaws no matter how good they may appear to be also adds to the reasons why marriages fail.
Once you understand your partner's misbehaviors and then have the ability to tolerate them, your marriage will keep moving smoothly and lovely.

(3) Think about ''a partner that can give you the kind of kids you'll wish to produce''
The more you love your kids, the more you love your partner; and consequently the more you'll love your marriage to your partner.
How lovely your kids are will determine how lovely your marriage will be.
When your kids are handsome, beautiful, good looking, intelligent, clever, smart and wonderful, you will tend to love and cherish your partner who helped you in getting those kids. The love for the kids and the love between the parents make the marriage get lovely.
Children in a family are the extension of joy and fulfillment to their parents especially when they are wonderful.
Offsprings are a reflection of their parents, and once these offsprings look good, the parents will tend to love themselves and each other more and more; this will make the marriage get lovelier.
Let the partner you want to marry be the type of kids you'll love to have.
Any kind of kids you wish to produce, look out for them in the person you'll want to make your partner.
Any type of kid you wish to have is the type of partner you'll have to marry.
The kind of kids one produces is equal to the kind of partner they get married to.
Offsprings are genetic replicates of their parents. If you need beautiful kids, you have to look out for a beautiful partner. If you need intelligent kids, you will also have to look out for an intelligent partner.
Your kids are as a result of you and your partner's physiological and morphological interaction.
Good looking kids make the parents look good too. And once a family is filled with good looking and wonderful children, the family itself and the marriage there in will look lovely.

(4) Think about ''a partner that has common aims and goals with you''
It's very lovely to have a partner who you have in common some reasoning, ideas and lifestyle, aims and objectives.
This creates team work which consequently fosters togetherness and loveliness. It will make your marriage get lovely because both of you will always be involved in common wholesome thoughts and actions geared at a common objective.
Another reason why marriages break up today is because of the emergence of a situation where each of the partners involved get filled with thoughts and views that are different from that of the other partner. Once this situation arises, there will no longer be uniformity of the heart. Marriage is a thing of the heart.
So, the more you stay together, have one mind, think and work towards a common goal; the more lovely your marriage will get.

(5)Think about ''a partner that can help you fulfill your destiny''
When you marry a partner that will help you achieve your goal in life, I don't think you'll let that partner go.
You'll tend to love her more and more. This helps your marriage to her to get lovely.
Any factor that facilitates your reach to your destiny, no doubt is your best factor in life.
Any partner that helps you fulfill your destiny is the best partner for your marriage.

(6) Think about ''a partner whose partnership with you is more of business and romance''
Being in business is one of the best things of life.
Being in romance with a partner is also one of the best things of life.
Both business and romance in marriage is very important - when romance fades, business fuels it up; and when business fades, romance fuels it up.
Business in a marriage is when both partners have a steady career, a firm source of income, a commitment, a responsibility, a business minded heart.
Romance in a marriage is when both partners have optimum love for each other; when they always feel, touch, caress and hunger for each other.
Both business and romance are the key ingredients that spice up marriage.
If your marriage with your partner is filled with business and romance, it will get lovely. Both of you will tend to always love each other.

(7) Think about ''a partner that has what turns you on the most'' Love is simply the attraction to someone who has what you need. As long as the person has what you need, you will always love and cherish them.
When your partner has what turns you on, it will be hard to forget him/her. You will always love to stick with him/her. This will make your marriage to him/her get lovely.
Now, on your own part, you need to sincerely find out what turns you on the most; then look for a partner that has it.

(8) Think about ''a partner who is a husband/wife material''
We have a 'husband material'; a 'wife material' (funny expressions); but, they are real. A husband material is a man that has many qualities of a good husband. A wife material is a woman that has many qualities of a good wife.
What are those qualities? You need to find out and then look for partner that has them.
Once the qualities are in place in a marriage, the marriage will get lovely.

(9) Think about ''a partner that always looks good, even in default conditions''
Default condition is a situation when one exhibits their natural behavior when unchallenged, when not under reflex, or when not with a purpose.
Ladies often look good and beautiful when they wear 'make up'; but naturally, without the 'make up' will they look beautiful?
Men often appear gentle when in midst of ladies; but naturally, are they gentle?
These are the things you need to find out about a partner before you marry them.
Look out for a partner that has a good lifestyle in default conditions. Partners that pretend to look good just for a purpose is not the right partner for marriage.
Men, take note:
You can find the best shaped girl when she is in a cooperate outfit.
You can find the most naturally beautiful girl just before she is about to take her morning bath; i.e. after her morning chores, or before make up.
For a fair in complexion girls, you can find a truly fair girl when she is putting on a dull colored cloth; or after she has stood under the sun for a long time.

(10) Think about ''a partner that can be your friend''
Two good intimate friends are better than a married plain 'non-lovely' couple.
Friendship is simply an understanding between partners. Friendship is a proof that both partners are easily merged together, with no strings attached.
Friendship reduces differences.
You have to get a partner that can be your friend. Friendship will help both of you to understand your differences and then harmonize them. It will also make you feel free to relate with your partner anyhow you wish. This relationship will help to build confidence and trust; and consequently, it makes marriage get lovely.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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