Make it a routine, and your audience and readers will make it a routine too - Winny Greazy #screeenplay #books #novel #writer #audience

Dear Routine writer 'wanna be', here is how to make writing routine.

(1)Get a mobile phone that has the ''quadre pad'' (a mobile phone with the computer keyboard like setting).
This will make you to type and save as a note any idea that comes to your mind easily, conveniently and faster.

(2)Don't take things serious.
Just accept that every event or situation is just a content to develop and write on. Take every condition whether good or bad as a ''joke''. Take it as an ordinary normal thing that is part of life.
Be free with yourself. Free your mind. Don't be superstitious. Accept that everything is good, even if it's not.

(3)See yourself as a great writer.
See yourself making a living with your write ups.
See yourself making money from your books.

(4)Make it an offence to yourself if you don't take note and record on everyday's activities and imaginations.
Believe that the stories from events will waste if you don't put them down.

(5)Assume and pretend you are already making a deal with media content developers and publishers.

(6)See yourself as a writer with so many audiences.

(7)Write on the things you love read.
Write on the things that will make you happy. The more they make you happy, the more you have fun writing.

(8)Write on the things you'll love your audience to read.
See your audience as hungry audience who hunger for your written piece.

(9)Make every living and non living thing a character; whether good or bad.

(10)Write to correct impressions.
Write to correct mistakes you have found in other written piece

(11)Pretend you are a professional

(12)Don't forgive yourself when a day passes and you didn't write

(13) Sleep, wake, write, eat, write, write, sleep, wake, write, write, eat, write, write, sleep, wake, write...

Make writing a routine drug! Opium!

Written by: Winny Greazy.

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