When you are stuck and cannot continue to write, take these approaches below;


(1)Stop work on that particular piece or project you have  already started writing.

(2)Start planning on a new one to write.
Writer's block may not be the lack of inspiration and flow of idea to complete or produce a work; it may simply be a call on you to calm down, take a break, have a re-think and produce another thing even greater.

(3)Embark on the new one fully.
The new project can serve as a gateway in completing the former. It can have a singular idea or inspiration that will ignite the flow of ideas for the former

(4)Continue with the new one fully while revisiting the former intermediately.

(5)Share ideas derived from both with both

(6)Work on both hand in hand

(7)Now you have a choice to either face one squarely and finish it, or continue with both hand in hand


(1)Take the situation as if nothing happened. Assume you needed a little break in writing that project and certainly the break came.
Sometimes the best way to enjoy, feel the fun of a process, and then complete it is to take a break in it.

(2)Go back to your source of idea.
Your source of idea is the foundation of your project. If it's firm, your project's continuity will be firm.
Revisit the activities that shaped that idea. Check the characters that were involved in the activities. Recollect your mood when the activities occurred. Trace how the idea accumulated. Examine how you developed it fully. Then, link all these stages and processes to the point where you were stuck; take the link further to the point you proposed your project would end. At this stage, you might be able to identify what really went wrong and caused you to get stuck.

(3)Brainstorm on the concluding part of the project.
Since it seems you are stuck trying to get to the conclusion, why not abandon this obstinate stage and start thinking about the conclusion itself?
Sometimes, the end of a process is a means to its beginning.
Working on the conclusion may precipitate the intermediates that formed it.

(4)Be yourself and tell yourself the truth.
Some conditions cause writer's block. They include
-distraction by other events
-physical illness
-poor nutrition
-financial issues
-marital issues
-fear of failure
-pressure from audience
-pride from previous success
-intimidation by rivals
All these tend to block inspirations, flow of idea, strength and willingness to continue writing.
Find out the one you are suffering from and take care of it.

(5)Make writing routine.
If you make writing an integral part of your day, then every day will take care of you from what you have written out of it.
Every day will serve as a driving force for you to write more. There will be nothing like writer's block.

(6)Create a good understanding between yourself and your audiences.
Your audiences will tend to either discourage you from writing or mount pressure on you to write more.
Don't let this happen. Let them understand how you work.

When you are stuck and cannot continue to write, take the approaches above.

Written by Winny Greazy

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