A lady you still love somuch after she has thoroughly satisfied your sexual urge is your wife.

For you to still love her after all the sex romp, it means she has something else in her that you still love somuch.
That is to say that sex is not love.
Love is beyond sex.
Sex is just situated on the way to love; it is that which you will (if you wish to) pass through to reach love.

Love lies in the heart and in the mind of a lady.
Love lies in the cells and in the bone marrows of a lady.
This love is the force you cannot understand why, when and how it pulls you to the lady.

For you to love someone, it means you are being unknowingly attracted to them. It is that force of love that attracts you to them.

For you to still love a lady after you have had sex with her, it means you met sex and passed it by on your way to reach the lady's love.

Sex has its properties which are facial beauty, slender body, sexy shape, big boobs, kissable lips, nice dentition, attractive complexion, photogeny, cat walk, nice hairstyle, sexy voice, good height and 'hotness'.

Love also has it's properties and they are; prudence, care, thoughtfulness, understanding, trust, faithfulness,good home management, tolerance, loyalty, righteousness, and so on.

Properties of sex are more of physical, While that of Love are more of internal.
That's why you are told earlier that love is found in the inside.
It lies in the heart and in the mind.
It lies in the cells and in the bone marrows.

If you get through with sex and still able to love your lady, then she can be your wife. This means she has those properties of love in her, and you have seen them.
Those properties of love are the main ingredients that spice up marriage. They are the key to everlasting married life. They are the foundation of love. They are love. They remain evergreen even after sex and its properties have faded away.

So if after you slept with a lady and you notice that the level of love you have for her is on the high side, marry her; she is your wife.

Written by Winny Greazy.

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