In writing, you do not follow your own instincts; you follow the instincts of the characters in your story. You create your characters and then your characters tell your story.

Your characters are the ones in the story. It is their own story. They are acting in it. They are the reason for the story. Their actions are the story. They make the story happen.
They determine how the story goes. They drive the story. They know what happened and what would happen in the story. Their actions are telling the story.

What you, the writer does not know is that your characters are actually the ones telling and acting their story by themselves. The story is theirs.
You, the writer is just trying to show the audience what the characters are doing. You are only relating to the audience on how the characters are telling their story. You are only trying to interpret the story to your audience.

The characters are the ones seeing the story. You are writing the story in their own perspective. Therefore, you are writing it using their own instincts.

May be if you want to write a better script or screenplay, all you have to do is to follow your characters' instincts.

Written by Winny Greazy.

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