(1) Write more on the external conflict between the main character and the opposition. Write less on the internal conflict of the main character.

(2) Assemble and streamline the characters' ventures. Not all the characters should have internal conflicts. You may limit it to just the main character. Too much of internal conflicts can drag the whole story to too many pages.
Before a screenplay comes to an end, all the external and internal conflicts of all the characters must come to an end. This is only obtainable in a long feature film.
(3) You may not write many details and actions. Just let the moderate dialogues by the characters tell more.

(4) Stick to just the main theme. No need to introduce sub themes. It is a short film, it needs to end fast.

(5) No much of flashbacks and dream sequences.

(6) Do not include settings that may be costly. Remember you might be the one to produce it yourself. Just write a low budget film.

(7) Try not to include too many characters.

(8) Try and first of all read and understand the topic or the issue at stake before you start writing the screenplay on it.

(9) If it's an advert script, be sure to understand what the brand or product is all about.

(10) Write with simple words so that the audience can understand.

Written by: Winny Greazy

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