(1) Scenes are like chains (they connect your screenplay structure).

(2) Scene are the rate determining steps of a screenplay (the screenplay doesn't move forward it the scenes are not moving).

(3) Plot depends on scenes (the intensity of scenes go up and down; they drive the plot along with them).

(4) Length of a screenplay is a function of the scenes (time of each scene contributes to the duration of the screenplay).

(5) Scenes measure your ideas (they show whether you are good in ideas development/generation or not).

(6) Scenes define your career (they testify whether you are a good writer or not).
Your stories are in scenes (this is a screenplay and not an ordinary prose. Scenes accumulate into a story).

(7) Scenes attract each other (the first scene welcomes the second scene).
Your theme is embedded in the scenes.

(8) Scenes calculate the number of your characters.

(9) Scenes measure the rate of actions.

(10) A scene is the timing of your screenplay (a scene describes whether it's day or night).

(11) Scenes are steps to the climax of your screenplay.

(12) Scenes arouse the emotions of your readers.

(13) Scenes count the dialogues in the screenplay.

(14) Scenes describe your characters.

(15) Scenes are performed by the characters (a character lets his facial expression, position, body movement and countenance depict the mood of the scene)

(16) Scenes describe the actions.

(17) Scenes voice the dialogues.

(18) Scenes divide the screenplay into acts.

(19) Scenes can be painted with thrills!

Written by Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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