For a character to be the main character, he must be special. For him to be the protagonist, he must have some forms of specialties. For him to be a hero, he must be very eager and ready to uplift and defend his loved ones with his talent.
This is to say that in creating a character who is going to be the protagonist, the first thing a writer should write down or provide is the character's area of specialization.

There are many areas of specialization. There are a lot of things one can do in order to make a living.
Apart from being a kind of specialty, it can also be something that someone has found himself doing and having fun with.

Away from the above, any kind of activity the main character indulges in; and which will play a good role in equipping him to always save his people and fight against his enemies can be regarded as his specialty or talent.

For the specialties of your character, you can make him be a farmer, great orator, great lover, fighter, driver, chef, crook, hacker, artist, student, detective, scientist, good friend, typist, athlete, parent, dreamer, or gambler.

After you have made him any of the above, you can now build part of your story around it.
Let's take for instance; if your character is a hacker, the story in your screenplay may have it that the villain attacks the unsuspecting citizens with some kind of personalized computer programs. These computer programs can only be rendered ineffective if the password used in programming them can be altered.
Now when this type of situation arises, all the protagonist who is the computer hacker will be fighting for is to lay his hands on that villain's computer.
The moment the protagonist makes his way to the computer, he will quickly use his knowledge as a hacker to alter the password and then end the villain's modes of operations.

Apart from building part of your story on the protagonist's specialty, you can use this specialty to complete the world you have created.
The job of a screen-writer is to create a world just like that of a real life world.
In a real life world, people engage in one business or the other. They have jobs, handiworks and so on. The type of job anybody has will depend on the talent he has, or his area of specialization. Business and economics are the greater components of the real life world, and they complete the livelihood sequence.
So for a writer to also include a character's job or specialty during that character's creation means he is also completing the livelihood sequence in the screenplay.

Next, the specialty of a character also helps to enlighten the audience what that kind of specialty or talent can genuinely be used for.
Remember that every bit of your screenplay is designed to teach the audience what they didn't know. So, writing explicitly about how the protagonist can use his specialty to overcome the oppositions, you are invariably passing a message about the goodness of that specialty to the audience. The audience's knowledge about it will now be updated.

Almost every man is created with something special, show it in your screenplay now!

Written by: Winston 'Winny Greazy' Oge

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